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Co-Founder's Note | Annapoorni Chandrashekar - #Event Mata

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Hello Climbers!

April has kickstarted the frenzy world of events at the Climber. While the Delhi team - Team Awesome successfully completed its first run at the Events pitch with Kickstart Summit 2016 on 2nd of April 2016, Chennai -Team Titanium is ready for its second inning with the Indian Youth Conclave 2016 on 10th of April 2016.

Kickstart Summit conducted on 2nd April was an amazing event. It hosted 10 very talented and diverse speakers who not only took up workshops but also shared anecdotes from their journey. The diverse audience and the kickass speakers made the event - Paisavasool. I would like to appreciate the Co- presidents of the Delhi team and their team for successfully pulling off the event.

Having patted ourselves for the success of the Delhi event, The Climber Chennai team is all set to give in their 100% at the Indian Youth Conclave scheduled on 10th of April 2016. The Climber Chennai team has been working very hard to pull off the biggest event Climber has ever hosted.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite each and every one of you to come and be a part of the event. Each and every member will get an experience to imbibe and cherish the vision that drives us all at the Climber. Needless to say, the event is free for all Climber members, City Entities pick up your bags and your team and come join us at IYC 2016.

Be eventful :)



  • Twitter, the new tool of Climber! We used the twitter shutouts for getting Kickstart Summit for gaining market attention. Follow us @Kickstartsummit
  • Commencia '16, Business week at SRM University used to increase the brand outreach and visbitiy.
  • is the new blog that we have started.
  • Twitter polls. Wait for the trends!
  • Looking for new members in marketing in different entities.

Ruhan Madni Naqash,

Marketing Head


  • 3 design volunteers for IYC are working on the IYC promotions campaign and collaterals!
  • 1 design volunteer is working on the kickstart campaign.
  • MITID HoD Graphics is onboard our board of advisors. SHe helped us get the design volunteers.

Fatema Hussain

Creative Director

Aseem :

  • Recruited 6 VIs for the writing team for Aseem.
  • Setting up an audio delivery team in Bangalore and Nagpur.
  • Talks with Kitaab (Delhi) for delivering audio magazine ended.
  • Two VI RJs (Nashik, Delhi), are in; for their help in improving the outreach of Aseem.
  • Delivered audio magazine of Jan-Feb.
  • Work decided by Aseem editing team for March-April issue.

Aseem is willing to recruit members, in future attempts of expansions in different cities.

Rohit Selvagandhi


Expansions Update : The family grows..

1: The Climber | Bangalore:

First month's target achieved. Team is functioning smoothly. 10 MyCaptain connection.

2. The Climber | Chennai

Engaged in bringing out the Indian Youth Conclave 2016. 60 MyCaptain connections.

3. The Climber | Hyderabad:

Team of 15 people has been formed however the team haven't been very responsive hence we will be dissolving and re-starting the whole process for Hyderabad.

4. The Climber | Jaipur:
30 applications have been received.

5. The Climber | Vizag:

Vizag team in place. 1st meeting held successfully.

6.The Climber | KIIT

Interviews done.

7. The Climber | Nagpur

Induction successfully conducted. Further recruitment process is on.

8. The Climber | Delhi

Hosted Kickstart Summit 2016 on 2nd April. Good speakers and crowd turning up.

9. The Climber | NIT-Trichy

8 MyCaptain connections.

10. The Climber | VIT

Tied up with BeepWeep. 8 My Captain connections.

11. The Climber | Manipal

Working on video for MyCaptain promotion.

Kickstart Summit 2016, Delhi

Kickstart Summit 2016 - New Delhi in association with YourStory.

Taking inspiration from the start up culture in the country and the drive to become revolutionaries of society, startup enthusiasts to attended the summit and underwent workshops from CEOs of India's best startups.There were people from the age of 12- 74

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Kudos Corner!!!

Kudos to the Delhi team!

Indian Youth Conclave 2016

Indian Youth Conclave 2016 is Chennai's first ever Youth fiesta. Here is your opportunity to meet travelers, the stand-up comedians , artists, writers, photographers, film makers,actors or entrepreneurs from all over the country, at one place, all at the same time. The youth has the power to collaborate and drive a change so here's calling out to the creative, curious and innovative Chennaiites.

It's our time to get inspired.

Meet the ordinary who just went on to be extraordinary

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Indian Youth Conclave-2016

Sunday, April 10th, 10am

2 13th Avenue Harrington Road Chetpet Chennai

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

Haven't booked your tickets? Click here here.

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