Transition Plus- Week 3

Helping Students Succeed!

Team/PDP Meetings

I want to clarify what the Tuesday meetings will look like.

  • The first 20 minutes of the meeting is dedicated to Team 1,2,3 meetings (8:00- 8:20).
  • Please share the agendas and notes with me and the SEAs- it is important to make sure that we are communicating this information with all staff on your team- not just licensed staff
  • There will be a 5 minute transition time and then PDP groups will be from (8:25-8:45).
  • With PDP groups please consider having goals that are achievable by the end of first semester.
  • We will have an opportunity to switch PDP groups for second semester if you want.
  • The SIP plan is not complete but the areas of focus are Attendance, Engagement, Post Secondary/employment outcomes.

Walkie Etiquette

  • Before using the walkie, try to call the individual on the room phone.
  • When calling for someone say the person's name, "do you copy?", then the person's name again.
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Remember confidentiality, students are in the building as early as 8:00. Be careful what you say over the walkie

Morning Greetings

Please make sure staff from your class are out greeting buses and in the cafeteria in the morning for students. Students will be released to advisory classrooms at 9:10.

Late Students

We will follow this procedure until the PSWE team has a chance to meet re: this.

  • If students are arriving late to school they will check in at the desk.
  • If the class period is less than 1/2 way complete the student will be sent to class and teacher will mark as tardy
  • If the class is over half completed the student will be held over until passing time in the cafeteria

Bathroom Updates

  • All Gender Student/staff bathroom is across from room C 221- provide students with this information on a limited basis so this restroom does not get abused
  • All Gender Staff Only bathroom across from C 206
  • Remember to close the bathroom doors - this will prevent student access to the bathrooms for'extra-curricular' activities
  • Remember to knock before using your key to open a bathroom door.

Lunch Reminder

If you have a student that is gluten free or has special dietary needs the family needs to fill out a form and it needs to be signed by their physician. If the student is only lactose intolerant the parent/guardian is able to just write a note.

Please be considerate of your colleagues taking their 30 minute uninterrupted lunch breaks. While you may be okay with your lunch being interrupted, others may really need this time to be uninterrupted. It is okay to say to the person, " I am on my lunch, can we talk at ______ time?" That includes if I come in and do not realize it's your lunch. I encourage open and direct communication with the person.

School Counselor Updates

  • Deadline for semester 1 schedule changes for current students will be at 4 PM Wednesday September 14th.
  • Please e-mail Robby when he may come into your advisory for an icebreaker guidance lesson to kick off the year!
  • I have been keeping track of student plans for after t plus. I have met with several already during our brief conversations over schedule changes. -Many are considering MCTC or another community college. - Here two documents for you to share with your advisory that pertain to college prep / financial aid prep that they, and their families, may find helpful.
  • The 15 day drop process is quickly approaching us. Our 1st day 15 is on Monday September 19th. Any student who is absent in all classes for 15 consecutive school days will be dropped. Once a student reaches day 15, please notify the student's social worker.

Social Work Request

Please have students fill out registration packets and lunch forms during advisory time. Please turn these forms into your Social Worker. These forms contain critical data and funding for our program.

Teachers are expected to keep track of which students have already turned in required forms. Blank forms can be picked up in the office.

Also, if you have students on your caseload that have not shown up yet, please inform your Social Worker so they can begin making contact to determine the student's enrollment status.

If you have questions or concerns please see your assigned Social Worker.

Thank you,

JoAnn, Jeanne, Laura, Peter

Tree Trust

Tree Trust/YouthBuild will be coming this week to present to our students and start the recruitment process. They will be here on Tuesday 9/13 and will do a presentation at 9:30 and 10:30. They will present in C 200. They will be explaining the program and handing out applications. Interviews will be held here on 9/19 and the Mental Toughness Training will be held the week of 9/26. If you have students who are interested in Construction and want to work, and get PAID, it’s a great opportunity for them.

Please send Jeanne a list of names of your students that may be interested and remind them about the opportunity on Monday. It is preferable that they attend the presentation to learn more about the program, but if they are unable to they can still interview. Applications can be turned into me, and I will coordinate the interview process.

Any questions, let Jeanne know. 668-4088

Committee Sign Ups

Please sign up for the committee you'd like to be on HERE

If you are willing to chair/co-chair a committee, please put an * next to your name

Voting/ Civics Resource

This was shared with me at a Principal meeting last week. You may want to consider this resource in teaching your students about voting-


  • Consider sharing this with your advisory students and have a dialogue.
  • How can we build grit?
Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit