Yellow Team News

August 2015

Hello! With one month under our belts, your 7th graders have been very busy in all of their classes! Below, you will see some of the specific things that have been going on in language arts!


Don't forget, every TUESDAY and THURSDAY your student should have homework! Please remind them!

Class Activities

We've read multiple short stories over the past month including Duffy's Jacket, The Lottery, and What if the Hunger Games were Real? We've enjoyed demonstrating our reading comprehension skills, especially by using text evidence (RAPping)!

We've also been re-introducing the 6+1 traits of writing. So far, we've covered, Ideas, Organization, Voice, and Word Choice. Just Tuesday we had a SPICY day in class! While studying word choice, students are encouraged to use spicy words in their writing! We had some chips and salsa and got rid of the bland words in our vocabulary and spiced them up!

Your students have learned 20 new words already! Each week we are learning 5 new words, and a prefix, suffix, and a root word. Ask your students about their vocabulary words! Students that get a 100% on their pretest for vocabulary get to research and find their own vocabulary words.

If you are monitoring your child's grades closely, you may see assignments that include the term "mastery". Our goal is for all of our students to master the content standards for 7th grade, as determined by the state of Indiana. When you see something that says mastery, those scores can ALWAYS be improved! Your child just needs to go into study island and continue practicing the subject(s) they are struggling in. Please encourage them to check their mastery grades and keep working on it!

We've been very busy as you can see!! It's been a great 4.5 weeks!


In Language Arts, students are chosen weekly for the SWAG student! These students have no missing assignments (for the week they're are chosen), no blue/yellow cards, on time to class, pleasant, and participate! Please congratulate these students if you see them!

2nd Dylen Fox, Matthew Potter, and Bianca Everson
3rd Ryan Johnson, Anna Becker, Jalyn Baxter
4th Hunter Woodward, Drake Newsome, Jonah Collins
5th Heaven Dusseau, Daniel Malone, Karly Kirkpatrick
6th Halima Mohlsen, Lucas Diehm, Robbie Stanley

No Excuses Reading Challenge

At the end of August, we've only had ONE student turn in any outside of school reading logs! Maddie Rhoades has read 617 minutes (in one month!) Which means she's surpassed the "middle school" degree and is working on her "high school diploma". Encourage your students to fill out a calendar when they read at home! Reading helps students learn new words!

Please feel free to contact me!

Any questions, please feel free to contact me!