Important Inventors Brochure

By: Griffith

William Kelley and Henry Bessemer

These inventors inventing the first inexpensive way to mass produce steel, know as the Bessemer Process. It was founded by Kelley but patented in 1855 by Bessemer. This process could make plows, reapers, barbed wire, and even cables for suspension bridges—such as the Brooklyn Bridge.
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Christopher Sholes

The next big invention for the technology world was the typewriter, founded in 1873 by Christopher Sholes. He wasn't the first to invent, just the first to correctly sell it. His first sale was 12,000 dollars and went on to become a millionaire.
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Alexander Graham Bell

Mr. Bell was very determined to be able to communicate quickly and he did just that. He invented the telephone in 1876. He then went on to make the business know as AT&T, which was organized in 1877.
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George Eastman

George Eastman was the man who successfully invented the handheld camera and he got it patented in 1888. He then went on to establish Eastman Kodak Co. This camera went on to sell just like typewriter, millions.
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Thomas Edison

You all know him, the man who created electricity and many other things. Thomas Edison, who quit school to pursue the railroad, and it worked out. By 1882 Edison was powering NYC and started his own company. General Electric (GE). Edison has arguably had the biggest impact on our lifestyles.
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George Westinghouse

George had invented many invention, like the air brake, which stopped all trains simultaneously. This made trains safer and more efficient. He also invented AC and DC. AC current is type delivered to our homes and DC is from batteries.
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