Mobile Apps for the Classroom

Modern waves of technology for classroom education

5 easy mobile apps that can make the difference in your everyday language teacher's classroom environment... You're welcome!


To have a calculator on hand at all times is a lovely way to avoid worrying about basic mathematical errors. One does not want to carry around a big scientific calculator all day, in particular into an English Language Arts class. But to have a calculator prepared on one's mobile phone, one will never have to concern one's literary mind again with error-ridden basic math formulas.


Another quick and easy way instead of writing our notes on paper. They are typed up (no more legibility issues for a reading teacher or peer), they are capable of being put online in an instant, and they are easily accessible at the drop of a hat! Good for inksheds, journal writing, note taking, etc.


Let's save paper by reading books online! Move forward with technology, and save the world at the same time. A simple and effective way to protect the environment as well as maintaining the same simplicities and joys of reading! As well, it saves students and teachers the extra burden of carrying around a heavy book for a semester!

English - Other Language Translators

Instead of dragging around a heavy dictionary, lets become more modern and technically advanced by carrying around the app on our phones or mobile devices. Information is just as fast (if not faster) to search, and it speeds up the searching process for basic learners of this foreign tongue! Make life easy with quick translations!

Poll Everywhere

A poll creating site that is so simple and easy to use. It makes classroom democracy a lot more relaxing for a teacher to deal with, as well as that no student feels uncomfortable as it is anonymous! As well, teachers can use it for practice questions for an quiz or exam, and students can test to see how well prepared they are for the upcoming event. Simple to use, and fantastic in all facets.