South Carolina

The Colony of Plantations and Wealth

Founders and Reasons Founded

South Carolina was founded when King Charles ll gave the land to eight nobles know as the The Lords Proprietors. The Lords Proprietors helped and supported King Charles ll. So, we have a royal charter and a great colony and we make it the best it can be.

The Lords Proprietors were given the land for helping and supporting King Charles ll. We are valued for its agriculture and settled by planters from West Indies who brought the plantation system. Settlers would sell what they produced and trade for what they needed only through businesses owned by the Lords.

-Cate Hennigan


Do you ever dream of living large? For example, being a wealthy plantation owner. South Carolina is an amazing place full of opportunity to become wealthy. We are very focused on agriculture and the development of large plantations. On our farms we mainly grow and export tobacco, cotton, indigo, corn, vegetables, grains, fruits, and livestock. Some plantations were massive! They included a main house, a dairy station, a blacksmith shop, laundry, a smoke house, and barn. Crops were traded for items, so if you don't want to live on a plantation, we always are in need of silversmiths, furniture makers, and other craftsmen. Here in South Carolina our amazing economy is perfect for anyone of any skill! We welcome all!

-Madeline Queen

Pictures of our Scenic Geography (below)

Climate and Geography

Do you ever get tired of the cold, wet weather of Europe? Well in South Carolina the weather is warm and sunny almost all year round! Unlike the northern colonies, we don’t have those harsh, bitter, cold winters. South Carolina is literally the land of opportunity and with its rich soil and warm, sunny climate, it's ideal for plantations. South Carolina is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, so if farming isn't your thing then you can fish in the infinite ocean of fish! We also have abundant forests, so if farming and/or fishing isn't for your ideal lifestyle, then you could easily use the lumber for house, furniture, tools and other necessities! Our inlands filled with gorgeous rolling hills, forested mountains and flowing rivers. Our coastline is also gorgeous with sunny beaches and an amazing ocean to watch our gorgeous sunsets!

-Madeline Queen

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Politics and Government

Our prosperous colony wouldn't have been so prosperous without our strong central government. It started out with King Charles ll granting a charter to eight noblemen who we know as the Lord Proprietors. Then to get the colony on the right start, the proprietors had the grand idea to create the Fundamental Constitution on March 1st in 1664! This states that whoever comes to settle won't be punished based on their religion. This gives everyone religious freedom! Isn't that better than becoming captive in the Tower of London? After they established that constitution, they eventually had the Lord Proprietors on a council. They made all the decisions to make this colony the best out of the 13! After the council, they elected other citizens to also be a part of the council! Who would ever think that citizens would have a say in the government! The stunning colony of South Carolina made this dream possible! Because of the government set in place here, everyone should come to this colony to live a longer and happier life!

-Jordan Halpin

Native Americans

Are you tired of the same old people in Europe? Then come to the colony of South Carolina! There are 29 distinct tribes in the area. A few of these (extremely friendly) tribes include the Bear River, Cheraw, Sapuni and Cape Fear. The various groups share their many helpful practices with us. The Indians shared their broad knowledge of medicine to help us live longer, to potentially enjoy our glorious colony longer! Since we're relatively new to the New World, the tribes shared their extensive grasp of the mysterious, yet gorgeous land around us. So, we know where to live and where to plant our plentiful cash crops!

-Jordan Halpin

The People of South Carolina

Many people have made our colony stand out the most out of the 13 colonies! One of these people include Elizabeth Lucas Pinckney. She assumed the management of her fathers 3 plantations. She started making blue indigo dye that was in great demand in England. She encouraged other planters to follow. Within 2 years indigo ranked second only to rice as a South Carolina export crop. Some of the civilians living in this perfect colony include Spanish explorers. They were the first Europeans to explore the costal regions. The English claim to the area arrived with the 1497 voyage of John Cabot (in the image above). Since then we are the best colony there is!

-Cate Hennigan

In the image below is Elizabeth Lucas Pinckney

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South Carolina is best place in the New World to practice any religion, because you won't be prosecuted for being anything other than yourself. The Dawn of Religious Freedom in South Carolina contains eight essays by historians and legal scholars that trace the quest for religious equality by Protestant dissenters, Huguenots, Jews, Quakers, Afro-Carolinians, and Roman Catholics. South Carolina was a beacon of religious freedom when compared to many other North American colonies, so come to South Carolina for the best experience today.