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I have enjoyed reading the positive comments on the KUDOS! board. Please keep them coming; we need to hear how the members of our staff make a difference every day!

Mon., September 19th--Professional Growth Plan Discussions

(These will take @10 minutes each to complete. Click on the link to see the time range in which you are listed. As I finish each, I will contact the next person. If we do not get to everyone in the time slot on Monday, we will complete the rest on Tuesday.)


Tues., September 20th-- Picture Day will be held in the MS Computer Lab;

students will be called.

Wed., September 21st-- Five minute overview of the Boys Scouts of America
(rotating through Grade 5 and 6 classrooms only and beginning at @ 9:30 am)

Friday, September 30th--SLOs are due.

Friday, September 30th--Magic with a Literacy Element--Grades 5 and 6, 2:00-2:45 pm (details to come)

To Be Announced-- When it is loaded, please complete Sylcom training.

Yet To Be Determined--9th Period--Staff Lockdown--MS Computer Lab--teachers only; students to MPR

Mon., October 17th-- Lockdown Drill with students at 1:30 pm

Tues., October 25th-- Motivational Speaker, Brad Hurtig (details to follow)

Food for Thought

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I would like to use the protocol outlined below for the BCMS Disciplinary Referral Process.

The teacher will:

  • fill out the disciplinary referral form completely and place it in the principal's box

The principal will:

  • review the document and determine what (if any) further action needs to be taken
  • copy the document and place it in the student discipline files (online and hard copy)
  • return the original (in a sealed envelope) to the teacher, and have the teacher send it home with the student

NOTE: If the principal originates the discipline referral, the offense is especially egregious, or we feel that the student will not deliver the referral, we will mail home the original.

Any thoughts on this process?