Class Update

by Mrs. Gaal and Ms. Marrion

In this week's folder:

-Rubric for book trailer

-Ted-Ed Club informational letter

-Ted-Ed Club Release Form

-Spanish Update



Our focus in math this week continued to be factors and multiples and their application to word problems. Deciding when to use the least common multiple or greatest common factor was important while finding solutions to a variety of word problems. Today we had a quiz on these same skills, which will be graded and included in next Friday’s folder. This coming week we will play the product puzzle, investigate prime factorization and begin work on the locker problem. Weekly I will be giving quizzes to the class to be sure that they have a good understanding of all skills presented.

As part of the process of working on communication and collaboration, our science activity for this week involved building the tallest tower. Armed with paper towel tubes, newspaper, paper bags, tape, cardboard, straws and paper clips the challenge was to build the tallest tower that was both movable and freestanding in a 20 minute period. The tallest tower measured in at 172 cm. Included in this week’s folder is your child’s sketch notes. Take a look at their creation of the tallest tower and read your child’s response to the activity. Next week we will begin our unit on sound culminating with the opportunity to design and create instruments that produce a variety of sounds.


We have spent this week finishing up our discussion and examination of our essential question: How does where you live influence how you live? We looked at the different types of government in ancient Greece that resulted from the isolated communities surrounded by mountains. We experienced four different types of government (monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny, and democracy) through the lens of a musical activity.

We also looked at the five regions of Canada and how there are many differences among lifestyles within one country. There were five different categories of differences: types of jobs, types of houses, population, language, and climate. Students played a board game and tried to match game pieces from each of the categories to the correct region it corresponded with. Please ask your child about what they learned! For homework, I asked them to think about our own lives in northern Virginia and develop three examples that show how where they live influences how they live.

We also had time for reading and writing workshop where students have been developing several stories. They followed tip #3 which asks them to “write with authority and evidence.” As they finish some of these stories, we will be sharing them with you.

The rubric for the summer reading book trailer is being returned today. To watch all of our wonderful book trailers, please visit

Finally, I want to address your attention to the letter titled “Ted-Ed Club.” I’m very excited about this opportunity. I ask that you all read this letter as well as the release form, and return the signed release form by next Friday.

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