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-------------- An Update - Spring Term 2018 --------------

Thoughts from Sam

I just wanted to say a special thank you to Nikki and Sam who have been driving the ideas that you will read about in this newsletter.

The project they share is not only exciting but highly relevant and the response so far, albeit small, highlights its potential.

However, running a new project has its challenges. The biggest difficulty at the moment is how do you let people know about it?

The answer to that lies with all of us!

So please read what follows and if you feel there is value in it - please get involved yourself. Write a poem, BUT also let someone else know about it too.

This particular project is all about building a network. This starts with you, but I hope that you might then be able to share it with others, as we come together to think about the kind of world we want to be part of.

Here is an opportunity to reflect on that and to express it!


World Record Attempt for the Largest Poetry Competition

From 11th November 2017 - 10th November 2018 Act 4 are holding a poetry competition for a World Record attempt.

The current World Record is set at 22,703, so we have a huge target to beat!

This event is linked to thinking about the centenary of the end of World War 1, and therefore the poems should be based around thinking back to World War 1, but also looking forward to how we can shape our World today.

Entries are open to anyone that wishes to take part – children, families, community, Uniformed Groups etc. This competition is open to any age group and not restricted to local areas.

If you would like to take part please visit: to download an application form, or email for more details.

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Poetry Competition Entries

A selection of our Poetry Competition entries..............
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'Creativity' Assembly and Experience Day on World War 1

The theme for our Assemblies and Experience Days this Spring term was CREATIVITY.

The assembly spoke about the natural beauty of the World that God has created for us, and how quickly it can be destroyed. The children learnt to think about making decisions which benefit everyone, and not just themselves.

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The World War 1 Experience Day focused on creativity, as the children thought about a WW1 character and their story.

Using individual story boards, the children put their drawing and writing skills to the test to create their own WW1 character in readiness for their poems. And wow, how incredibly inventive they all were!! Their colourful characters ranged from soldiers, doctors, nurses, pilots, sailors, even pigeons and horses were brought to life!

After creating their stories, the children thought about what they would like children and adults today to learn from their stories, and they came up with some fantastic messages:

- To be grateful for what the soldiers did for us

- Kindness

- World peace

- Love your neighbours

- Help others

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Below is a selection of the poems created by the children at Westcott Primary School, Aylesbury ranging from 6 to 11 years old. We really hope you enjoy reading them.

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I have been thinking about reflection! How do we reflect on life and come through many and various experiences and trials?

Well one very clear phrase Jesus spoke comes to mind, "Consider the lilies of the field. They do not sow or spin yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendour was clothed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field which is here today and gone tomorrow, will He not much more clothe you, oh you of little faith?"

Matthew 6: 28-30

This was Jesus' medicine for worry, look at the birds and flowers, take time to consider the wonders around us. How intricate the details are in nature!

I managed to capture a picture of a snowflake reflecting in the light this weekend, and thought I would share it. When I look at the picture it speaks to me of such intricate design and yet it's only going to last a few moments. If that's how well God designs a momentary snowflake, how much more has He designed details in our lives? In the snow and cold of some experiences there is still beautiful designed moments. And inside of us is much more intricate than many snowflakes! The cells in our body cry out “He is holy who gave us life!” The millions of details that need to be in place for any and each human being to be born tell us that we are valued by God and just as each individual snowflake is unique and beautifully designed, so are we! When each snowflake gets together they can stop traffic. So when we, though individual, get together what is possible? One of the most beautiful designs God has put together is unity!

So let us get together and reflect our creator and Heavenly Father.

Darrel, Act 4 Volunteer

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Prayer requests

  • For children to become inspired to make a difference in our World today.

  • That we continue to generate interest in the World Record Poetry Competition.

  • That the kindness and generosity shown by our supporters continues to grow.

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