Q u i c k y!

Lusty Liver "The Knight"

I Don't Want To Be Loved!

Diary Entry#1: "I've been going through some thangs and don't nobody understand mane; I was messing with this young girl and she wasn't even eighteen yet. So I gets in trouble with the Queen and to not to get punish from it she sends me on this long ride across town and she ain't give me no gas money, so now i'm stuck and I have to walk, but I'm going to stop right here because I see some fine women so i'm going to stop and talk to them.

I Just Want a Quick Fix

Diary Entry#2: So I'm back now and I just left the ladies and they were pretty cute but that's not the point. The point is is that my time is up for searching for what a woman wants and I'm out of gas so I'm heading back to the queen crib and see what she say about my answer. .............................So I got the answer right and now I gotta date her ugly sister but aye if she want it I'll give it to her. I'll be back later I got a wedding to not attend