Multimodal and Digital Texts

A focus on K-6

Using Digital and Multimodal Texts

Find out what digital and multimodal texts are and how they can be used in the classroom using this interactive presentation produced by the NSW DEC. Click on the link below to download the presentation.

Scholastic Digital Texts

Storyworks Magazine

Storyworks - A digital magazine with a variety of text types, each lexile levelled. Teacher activites are included as well as a variety of supporting resources such as video, audio and interactive worksheets.

Scholastic News Magazine

These digital magazines contain a variety of text types, with videos, word definitions, interactive quizzes and games built in. Click on each of the links to access the archive for each of the magazines for a variety of grades/stages.
Stage 3 Year 4 Year 3 Year 2 Year 1


DynaMaths - The primary digital Maths magazine, complete with articles containing maths in the real world. Answer questions and complete quizzes as you read all about maths in the real world.

Maths Magazine

Maths - Designed for Stage 3 and beyond independent readers this magazine is perfect for developing numeracy skills. Read the articles, interpret the charts, graphs or tables and them work out the mathematical problems posed for each story.

Let's Find Out

Let's Find Out - These early childhood reading magazines are full of non-fiction texts based on seasonal scienve and social science topics. Each magazine has accompanying teacher resources, printables, videos and a game.

Super Science

Super Science - An amazing range of real world Science texts for students in grades 3 - 6. The magazine also includes online resources, including videos, games, lessons plans and worksheets.

Science World

Science World - Connects current science news with essential biology, chemistry, earth science and physics concepts. Suitable for extending Stage 3 independent readers. Is supported by lesson plans, videos and worksheets.


Action magazine is designed for independent readers. Each article comes in three differentiated levels as well as in audio versions. Each magazine also has online interactive quizzes, videos and educational games.

National Geographic Magazines

National Geographic Young Explorer

These free online magazines are aimed at students in Kinder - Year 2.

National Geographic Pioneer

These National Geographic Pioneer magazines are aimed at Grades 2 - 4. Each issue has the same articles as the Pathfinder edition but at an easier reading level. Great for differentiating during Literacy groups.

National Geographic Pathfinder

The National Geographic Pathfinder editions are for students in Grades 4 - 6. Click on the For Teachers button below the issue you're interested in and then select the Projectable edition.

National Geographic Extreme

The National Geographic Extreme editions are designed for students from Year 6 - 8. Click on the For Teachers section to access the projectable versions or click on Coll Stuff to see videos, play games and view additional info and photos on the topics of the magazine.

Owly Comics

Owly comics by Andy Runton are the ultimate tool to teaching visual literacy to your students. Textless they provide students and teachers with fantastic opportunities to discuss what is actually happening by analysing facial expressions, actions and gestures. This requires students to attend carefully to the text rather than skim over only reading speech bubbles. These comics lend themselves to some fantastic writing opportunities too! There are free Owly comics you can download plus a Teaching resource pack too!

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