It's a Girl's Night Out

with Tricia Cook and Origami Owl Living Lockets

Origami Owl Jewelry Bar - Karen Chavez, Executive Team Leader

Need to get start shopping for Easter, Confirmations, Mother's Day or just because? Please join Tricia for a Girl's Night Out at an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar. Have you seen Origami Owl Lockets? They are beautiful customizable lockets you fill with charms that tell a story. This is a great opportunity to see how each locket can tell the story of the person who is receiving your Gift. Prices range from about $35-$95 (on average) for a locket, chain, charms, (accessories), our adorable jewelry pouch and trademark takeout box. Perfect for gift giving! No one will get anything so THOUGHTFUL as a PERSONALIZED LOCKET made by YOU!

Tricia's Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

Friday, Feb. 28th, 5:30pm

2240 W Spur Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85085

Tricia's Number: 623-680-8116


If you would like to pre shop or if you'd like to order directly online please go to Tricia's Online shopping link:

or please email me at

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