Velazquez Life

All about the life of Juan Velazquez

10 words that describe me

  • Always energetic
  • Ready to cheer people up when they are down
  • Religious
  • Caring
  • Really Protective
  • Athletic
  • Fighting for hopes and dreams
  • Hardworking
  • Go through with things
  • Keep going no matter what happens
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My Hobbies - Soccer and Football

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Biggest Influence on me

Biggest Influence on me is our father, Jesus Christ. He is the reason why we live. WE have to live our lives the good way no the bad way. We have to live the way Jesus wants us to because he created us. We have to love ourselves because its what Jesus has created us. Our father is peace and love.

My Favorite Movie/Book - Instructions Not Included and Unstoppable

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Pxndx - Cuando no es como debiera ser

The lyrics mean like Sometimes the things you do is the best so you are calmed

It suits me because i just want peace with everyone and make everyone happy.

My Favorite Poem

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Ever since I was little I'vs been going to Mexico a lot. I lived here all my life but here doesn't feel like home. When I go to Mexico it feels a lot like home for me. Over there just has something to it that attracts my heart.