Paving A Road To The Future

Rachel's Future Plans


I plan on finnishing high school at BHS, going to college at Indiana Uniersity in Bloomington for four years, and becoming an art director.

Beauty Fades, But Personality Is Forever

After I took my personality test, the results turned up as a "blue" personality. This means I am very easy going and am very considerate of the feelings of others. I am easily agitated when people interrupt me, though I try to hide it. I could benefit in a job where someone is needed to resolve conflict.

Brain Test Results

After taking a test, the results show that my left brain (the technical side) has a score of 24 and my right brain (the abstract side) has a score of 16. This means that the larger side of my brain is very logical and fact-based while the slightly smaller side of my brain is creative and spontanious.

Finding My Career

Skills Results

1. Health Informatics

2. Emergency and Firs Management Services

3. Support Services

4. Animal Systems

5. Plant Systems

Intrests Results

1. Personal Care Services

2. Visual Art

3. Performing Arts

4. Emergency and Fire Management Services

5. Early Childhood and Developmental Services

Work Value Results

1. Accomplishment

2. Innovation

3. Prestige

4. Work Environment

5. Income


Watch this presentation to learn even MORE ABOUT ME!

High School Plans

Bentonville High School

I will take all Pre-AP classes and Civics. I also signd up for Chamber Orchestra and Art classes. I am going to try to make sure I meet all of the graduation requirements before the end of my Senior year. I am also taking an SAT and ACT preperation class to aid me in getting better scores on tests and that will help me get accepted to more colleges in the future.

High School Graduation

Thursday, May 18th 2017 at 10am

1270 Leroy Pond Drive

Fayetteville, AR

2008 Absegami Graduation Cap Toss

This is going to be me someday!!

The Hoosier State's Indiana University

I plan on majoring in the visual and performing arts to later become an Art Director.

Cost (per cademic year)

In state: $9,540

Out of State: $29,540

Enrollment: 39,314 students

Type of School: Public

City: Bloomington

Mascot: Indiana Hoosiers

School Color: Crimson and White

Admission Requirements- Secondary School Record, Completion of College-Prep Porgram, and Admission Test scores such as the ACT and SAT.

Art Director

Daily Tasks

* Supervise the artwork necessary to layout material for magazines, books, newspapers, etc.

* Develop design concepts and ways to present them.

* Reviw and approve proofs and printed copies of art.

* Prepare layouts for clients to review and approve.

* Review illustrations to determine if they meet standards and specifications.

* Turn design concepts into art layouts for editing and improvements

Working Conditions

Most art directors work in comercial art studios or private art studios. Most sit for long hours and work with paint, inks, and other chemicals at drafting tables. Most work a 40 hour week, but may work overtime if deadlines need to be met.


Average Salary in the United States:

Highest Hourly-$80.11

Lowest Hourly- $21.21

Highest Yearly-$166,620

Lowest Yearly-$44,120

Average Salary in Indiana (Where I Want to Live):

Highest Hourly-$52.72

Lowest Hourly-$19.82

Highest Yearly-$109,650

Lowest Yearly-$41,230

It's Not the End, It's Just the Beginning!

The future ahead can be a very scary thing but it can also be an eye opening experience. Planning ahead can minnimize some stress about future plans, but sometimes you just have to just go with the flow and take it as it comes, for not all things can be predicted. What lies just beyond today is a mystery, and a very beautiful one at that. I look forward to the future and all that comes along with it so I can experience what is in store for me later in life.