Irving Elementary News

Month of September

First Grade Happenings in September

First grade has been very busy learning and practicing procedures and routines, reviewing letters and numbers, creating a social contract for their classrooms, and team building. This year’s class will also continue to have Spanish class twice a week with Mr. Conover to continue to practice their skills. Also, they have been excited to be reunited with old friends, while enjoying making new friends.

Something else that has been exciting for them, has been to see all the changes in Irving’s Outdoor classroom! They were amazed to see how much their vegetables, flowers, and herbs flourished over the summer, and were happy to start helping with our first grade flower bed by watering, pulling weeds, and observing the tomatoes and zinnias that survived the summer heat. The first graders are looking forward to planting more in the future!

Mrs. Nihart's Class

Mrs. Wall's Class

Mrs. Orr's Class

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Staff Affirmations

Capturing Kids Hearts teaches our children that giving affirmations to each other builds leadership skills by connecting students with each other, builds confidence, encourages positive behavior and helps classes grow as a group. At Irving Elementary our staff is also connecting with each other through giving affirmations which builds morale and helps build a positive community within the school. Thank you to Mrs. Abernathy for creating our staff affirmation boards in the cafeteria. These are being used by all staff members to help build a culture of affirmations in our school.
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Kindness Matters

By Sarah Bowman, LMSW

School Social Worker

Irving Elementary

Being kind or doing something kind for others makes them feel good and makes us feel happy. It can also help encourage others to do something kind if they see you do something kind for someone. True acts of kindness are doing things to make others feel good without expecting anything in return.

Random acts of kindness may sound simple but it requires courage, honesty, and thinking outside the box to achieve. Irving is not in short supply of kind acts. Students immediately feel welcomed by our Irving door greeters, who start each student's day with a warm smile and friendly greeting. Irving utilizes our Capturing Kids Hearts model to explore how students can affirm each other. Students write kind words of affirmations for classmates and multiple classroom’s start the day by celebrating good things. Irving creates opportunities for students to affirm each other and school staff members both publicly and privately. Irving staff model kindness by being mindful of body language, tone, and mindset. Kindness is learned by example!

Irving works towards creating a school culture that makes kindness, empathy, inclusion, and acceptance an everyday thing, but we know that kindness also happens at home. Here are some ideas to help inspire your family on how to show kindness to family, friends, and communities. As a family you could hand-draw birthday or holiday cards for nursing home residents, donate last year’s winter-weather gear to children in need, walk dogs at the animal shelter, help clean up your local park or compliment someone. The list is endless. The most important thing to remember is that kindness matters.

Spelling Bee Winners

On September 29th third, fourth and fifth graders participated in the annual school spelling bee. Winners of the bee have qualified to compete against other USD 465 students in the district spelling bee to be held on October 13th at 9:00 am in the WHS gymnasium. Congratulations to all the winners!

Top Four Winners: (right to left) 1st place-Amelia Crewse, 2nd place-Cassie Insaly, 3rd place-Charlie McKinzie, 4th place-Harrison Barclay

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Alternate Spellers are Maggie Jones-1st alternate and Kendyl Higdon-2nd alternate

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PTO News

PTO is short $400 for the sign, watch for a collection container to be out soon to collect candy for the Halloween parade, breakfast with buddies was an awesome success, red ribbon week October 24-28 flyer for dress up days will be coming home soon

Book Fair Week A Success!

Thank you to everyone who came to the book fair this week! The library staff appreciates your support so much. Thank you to the PTO for sponsoring our "Breakfast with Buddies". It is so much fun to see our parents and grandparents in the building again.

Fun Things Happening in Speech!

The Speech-Language department kicked off the new school year with many fun activities.

A favorite activity was our Big Mouth paper bag puppets. Our kiddos loved creating, playing with, and manipulating the mouth puppets to show how different sounds are made in the mouth. This helps them better understand how they can manipulate and shape their own mouths to facilitate clearer speech.

“The act of speaking occurs by air coming from the lungs, through the vocal folds, and out of the mouth. We shape sounds using our tongue (tip, blade, front, back), upper and lower lips, upper and lower teeth, and the roof of the mouth (alveolar ridge, palate, velum) in order to say specific sounds and words. Speech sounds differ by voice, place—where sounds are made in the mouth—and manner—the type of sound” -Fernando Trujillo

If you have a student in Speech please be sure to stop by during Fall Conferences. Our Speech room is located behind the Library. We would love to show you what we have been working on and how we work to create carryover into the classroom and outside of school.

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STUCO Activities

Our STUCO students have been busy this month. They kicked off the school year by presenting staff with motivational signs and a flower from the outdoor garden. STUCO students have painted tiles to sell during the book fair to help raise money for a glow art show, made props for our homecoming float, handed out bags of popcorn to all students to kick-off homecoming week, and they will also be walking in the parade handing out candy.
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Fun Week Celebrating Homecoming!

Its been a fun week celebrating homecoming week! These kindergarten teachers got into the spirit of things on Thursday by wearing fun clothes!

October Happenings

October 3rd-Conferences 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

October 5th-No Classes-Conferences 8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

October 10th-No School- District Refresh Day

October 10th-14th-Fire Prevention Week

October 11th-Fall Picture Day

October 12th-Late Start Day

October 13th-Walk, Bike, Roll to School Day

October 19th-Cross Country for 3rd, 4th, 5th graders at Sports Complex on Broadway

October 20th- No School-District Elevate Conference

October 21st-No School Teacher Report/Record Day

October 24th-28th-Red Ribbon Week

October 31st-Halloween Parade at 8:15 a.m.