Stella & Dot

The Stylist 500 Challenge! 10 days to qualify!

Consistency wins the race!

Do you ever feel like you are surviving the week and racing through it? We all do!

But instead of feeling exhausted and defeated it is time to do something that will give you

BIG satisfaction, both financially and emotionally! Do something that you set your mind to and be blown away when you accomplish it! Give yourself a pat in the back when you do!

Did I mention 3 consecutive months of selling $500 dlls gets you $100 in free credit?! That's $400 dlls a year!

You are a Stylist! You are a believer! You can do this!


Daytona Who?...

Sell $500 dlls between now and January 31st!

- Win a Neckform!

- Enter the draw for a pair of earrings!

- Every $500 that you sell gets you an entry!

- Email me at with your results the last day of the month!