Adventurous Life of Alaska

Caroline and Cole


  • Polar bears live along the artic coast
  • Brown bears live on Kodiak Island
  • Moose, caribou, musk-oxen, wolves, otters, etc.
  • Rich in land mammals and marine life and sea mammals

Survival of Alaska

  • You must be active
  • Clothing- boots, dress in layers, gloves
  • Major things you need to cover up are your neck and your head due to heat loss
  • make snow caves for shelter or tents and tarps
  • treatment of hypothermia- rewarm as soon as possible. ( eat, drink, and run around) to keep warm
  • Frostbite- caused by sub- freezing tempatures
  • Dehydration, hypothermia, constructive clothing, etc. all contribute to poor circulation


  • Southern Coast- mild climate
  • In January it is 33 degrees
  • In July it is 56 degrees
  • very little snow fall
  • Summer days- thunderstorms are common

Fun Facts

  • Alaska is the largest state in the U.S.
  • Twice the size of Texas
  • Has a small population
  • Alaska is often called the Last Frontier
  • Entered the union in 1959
  • First new state in 47 years

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