Texas Drought Facts

The Causes of a Drought

Droughts. These are the things that limits how much water one can have. One cause of a Drought is long periods of time with little to no rainfall were it is usually needed. Droughts are long, miserable, things that effect people. another cause of a Drought is when water vapor, from the coast line, is not brought in by air flow.(A.K.A. Wind) even sometimes Droughts don't have well-defined starts, making it hard to tell what started the Drought.

The Negative Effect

Droughts are horrible things- they are a slow, silent killer. Droughts can cause food shortages, and a lack of feed and drinking water. The result of these things running low can kill humans and animals. Droughts can also cause limited water usage to a person.

How Droughts effect the Environment/Ecosystem

Droughts effect the environment/ecosystem as well. Droughts may cause the plant species to decreace b\ecause of insect infestation. A drought can also cause crop quality. Droughts may also cause animals and good bugs to die.

The Texas Eco-Regins mostly affected by Droughts

Texas has 12 total Eco-Regins. The ones mostly affected by droughts are Texas Eco-Regions #3, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, part of #2, and part of #6. The names of these Texas Eco-Regins are #3 The Blackland Prairie, #7 Edwareds Plateau, #8 Llano Uplift, #9 Rolling Plains, #10 High Plains, #11 Trans Pecos, #2 Oak Wood and Prairies, and #6 South Texas Brush Country. All of the Texas Eco-Regions are affected by droughts, buyt these are the ones that would be mostly affected by droughts.

Texas Drought of 2011

In 2011, Texas had a horrible drought state wide. It caused lakes and river to dry up all over the great state of Texas. Heat waves came in regularly and a limited water usage was put out everywhere. It affected the people of Texas without the proper amount of water, taken in by citizens, sickness got to many and some even died. If a Wildfire started it was harder to put it out once it broke out. It was a horrible time to live in Texas.