Volcano Valley Resorts

By. Gabby Mitchell

Shield Spa

Come stop by our shield volcano spa. When you stay you can get your nails done while enjoying the hot oozing magma from the hot magma chambers underneath you. Or while your enjoying your visit you could get a face mask to enjoy. How about a whole spa treatment instead? For the kids they can go on a guided hike around all the different shield volcanoes in the area!

Some photos from the resorts!

Cinder Cone Camp Out

Come on down to Cinder Cone Camp Out! Here you can visit the gardens due to the ashes falling. Or you can take the 4 mile zip line over the volcano's crater. For the kids you can either send them in a helicopter tour over the volcanoes around Cinder Cone Camp Out or you can send them to the volcano games. So why not stop in by and experience the chance of a lifetime.

Composite Adventure Camp

If you are having trouble planning a family trip come to the Composite adventure Camp! At this adventure camp you can go to the Lava Park, Hang gliding and more! At the Lava Park you can go down the lava slide and the lazy lava river. Enjoy a lovely and calm day by the lava pool! Don't feel like be surrounded by so many people? Go on the Hawk's Eye View Hang Gliding Ride! Here you can go on an adventurous ride over the composite volcanoes and see all the cooled and hardened magma and ash layering the volcano! Make sure to stop by soon!