John Paul Jones

How did He influence the U.S. Navy to be as it is now?

John Paul Jones influenced the modern U.S Navy by introducing a set of strategies, and setting a precedent for U.S. Navy captains

Changed the Navy via style of battle

  • The way he fought is still used
  • Many of his strategies are still used today
  • He didnt die in any of his battles (Estimated 45 Naval encounters

Was an extremely good captain

  • Won every battle
  • His crew commended him on his excellency as a captain
  • He started when he was 12 years old

Fought for America during revolution

  • Won the battle of Saratoga (Turning point for america in revolution)
  • Changed the outcome of the war
  • He was a major asset in winning the war

Was the best captain in the sea at the time

  • Never lost a battle
  • Lived a long life, and died of natural causes
  • On average, sank 3 enemy boats per battle

Why was he famous?

  • He was the best captain of the revolutionary war
  • His famous words: "I have not yet begun to fight"
  • His massive influence in the revolution

How was he memoralized?

  • His museum is Scotland
  • His museum in North-East U.S.A.
  • He is now taught (and/or honored) to today's history classes.