Cell Project

by: Quijhanae Lee

Cell Membrane

  • a single cell or a blue wale made with trillions of cells, you are made of cell
What it does

  • keep the cell pieces inside

Cell Wall

  • Cell walls are made of cellulose, which found around plants
what it does

  • provide protective frame work for plants to survive


  • Has a fluid that fills up cell
What it does

  • fills up cells


  • Acts like a brain of the cell
what it does

  • Control eating, movement and reproduction

Nuclear Membrane

  • The double membrane surrounding the nucleus within a cell
what it does

  • Where the DNA is stored


  • a round body located in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell
what it does

  • makes ribosomal subunits from proteins and ribosomal RNA


  • An animal like cell that has 2 organelles
What it does

  • Help the cell when it comes time to divide


  • Combination of DNA and protein that makes up the nucleus of a cell
What it does

  • Package DNA into smaller pieces to fit in the cell


  • Consist of RNA and associated proteins found in large numbers of the cytoplasm of living cells

What it does

  • Builds proteins

Golgi apparatus

  • Another packaging organelle
What it does

  • Modify, sort and package proteins and transport lipids around the cell

Endoplasmic reticulum

  • A network of membranes throughout the cell and is connected to the nucleus

What it does

  • Folds protein molecules in sacs and transport synthesis proteins


  • Small organelles floating free throughout the cell
What it does

Takes in nutrients, break them down and creates energy with rich molecules for the cell


  • Food producer of the cell
What it does

  • Covert light Energy of the sun into sugars that can be used by cells


  • Hold enzymes that were created by the cell
What it does

  • Digest Food or break down the cell when it dies


  • Absorb nutrients that the cell has acquired
What it does

  • Carry out oxidation that breakdown Fatty acids and amino acids


  • Storage bubbles found in the cells
What it does

  • Might store food or any variety of nutrients a cell might need to survive


  • Connects to every organelle and every part of the cell membrane
What it does

  • Provides structure/framework of the cell