Ethics of Mars Civilization

By: Jonathan Broadnax

Is it ethical to expose people to unknown levels of human isolation and physical danger?

I don't think its ethical to expose people to unknown levels of isolation because we don't fully know the condition of other planets and the exposure to radiation can cause burning and skin cancer.

The good part about this is that if humans are willing to risk their lives for such as cause, scientific exploration with develop and we will know what we need to do to prevent this in the future.


Will the pioneers on Mars lack privacy?

The pioneers will lack privacy because people on Earth will have to watch to see whats happen. The people who are going are volunteer's so the will know all the rules and expectations to exploration of a new planet.

The bad part is that people wont have privacy and they will have to live the rest of their live with someone watching their every move.

Is it right to birth a child on Mars?

Some pros to being born on Mars is that it would be a milestone and that you would be one of the few to have been born on Mars.

Bad things about being born on Mars is that you might not feel like your part of everyone else and you will be very isolated socially .If we said know astronauts in space volunteers may feel like they cant live a normal life.

How would sick volunteer's be cared for?

In the group of people who go to Mars we should try to bring doctors, dentists and medical people just in case of any injures and sickness. They would care for the people when they got sick.