My Virtual Resume

Edmond Diep

My SMART Goals

Academic S.M.A.R.T Goal

S: I want to get at least a high 80% average mark in all of my courses by the end of high school.

M: I will track my goal by creating a mark book and record feedback's given in order to improve one my work ethics and understanding of what needs to be done. I would also use mark updates and reports as a guide to help me improve my weaknesses. This will be something I will do for all of my courses from now till the end of grade 12. I will know when my goal is achieved when I finish school with honours and that I am able to apply for University programs.

A: For the courses I am taking now, I am taking English, Careers, History, and Computer Technology. I will start studying more often by creating an agenda of all my tests, homework, assignment, and presentation due dates to organize what needs to be done and when it is due. I would also create a checklist to make sure that I have all the necessary requirements in order to do well in all my courses. For example, I could reference towards given rubrics to implement all of the required information and expectations including additional information relation on the required information given. My strengths are that I am very organized and pick things I've learned up pretty efficiently; however, my weaknesses are that I still need to work on time management and reading instructions carefully for doing the work. So I can use these types of techniques to continue improving these skills and achieve my goal. All of the techniques will be used in all of my courses that I am taking, so that there is consistency and efficiency on my work habits. I would still need to get past grade 11 and 12 and what they hold for me, things like English, Science, Mathematics, and Technological Studies but I am sure that I can be able to get through them as long as I continue to work hard. In the future, I am going to be heading into the technological and medical field, which are both difficult fields to be heading into. I want to head into both of those fields is because I have been fascinated with learning about computers and being a doctor when I was in middle school. Both requires a lot of work and years to actually complete when going in University and it is good to use these types of techniques and strategies to help me achieve success in these fields.

R: In my belief, this can be achievable. With the right mindset I feel like I am able to do anything. As long as I focus hard and love what I am doing, I will strive to complete my goal. My mid terms for this semester. showed decency in marks, somewhere in the mid 70's and 80's but I can use them to reference on my learning and push myself to get better marks for all of my course. This goal is important to me is because it heavily relies on what I plan for the future. I plan to head towards University, finish up either a bachelor's or a master's degree in Science, Medical or Technology and get a job in either Computer Software/Hardware Engineering or becoming a doctor.

T: I plan to achieve this goal by the end of the year. As of right now, there are only 7 weeks left of school and some of my mid term marks are at the 70's range, there is still some major work to be done and exams coming along the way, meaning there is still time to achieve my goal for Grade 10. I will try to at least get an 80% on every summative and exams and also try to receive very good progress reports. For Grade 11, I will start using the learning techniques to improve in all of my course I am taking and try to secure a high 80 average mark for all of my course. In Grade 12, I will continue to the same as Grade 11, however I would start paying more attention to my learning and focus on improving my goal expectation just by a bit and strive towards being successful.

Volunteering S.M.A.R.T Goal

S: I want to get 80 hours of community hours done by the start of grade 12.

M: For tracking my goals and making sure I reach it, I plan to use organizers or timetables to record how long I have been working, when I was work, and the total amount of hours I would have. I could also use the myblueprint website to track my hours as well. This ensures that I don't miss any of my hours that I have done and that I can calculate it without having to guess how much I've done.

A: As of now, I am volunteering at our very own library and also at the Brampton Library, which is located near Bramalea City Centre. I already have gotten 15 hours down and I am continuing to gathering more hours to start reaching towards my goal. My strengths in volunteering are that I am great at following instructions and very helpful when it comes to answering questions from people; however. I struggle to work under pressure and I don't work as efficiently as I should. I like to take my times with working cause it gives me a chance to relax my mind and gives me a chance to do something nice for the community. However, I can practice working under pressure by improving on how efficient I am as well as I can ask for help when I need to. I should actually start recording all the hours I have up till now and start a new timetable or agenda to calculate all my hours from there. I can also probably ask whoever is supervising me to also record my hours as well, so it would be even more accurate when calculating how many hours I've gotten and how much more I would need to reaching my goal.

R: I feel like this goal is achievable. I already know I can do it with the first 15 hours I've finished up already, so it shows that I can continue to do more and eventually reach my goal in the timeframe that I have set myself. This goal is important to me because I like to help the community and also 40 hours of it is required for me to graduate, which is a huge deal to me. I would want to finish school and continue to help people just like I am right now and finishing this goal can allow me to push myself even further because I know that I have the capabilities of doing it. Helping people has always what I want to do besides from getting a good education and a my preferred future job and I will continue to live with it for as long as I possibly can.

T: I plan to achieve this goal by the start of grade 12 because it gives me time to focus hard when heading into post secondary and that the work past the start of grade 12 will be difficult, with the addition of achieving this goal. So keeping this goal at the start of grade 12 saves me a bunch of stress and it doesn't tire me out as much. However, if I continue working towards with a positive attitude, I am sure to reach my goal or possibly even excel beyond my goal. By the time I reach the start of grade 11, I plan to have finished at least 30 or 35 hours, if I reach that goal then I am sure I make up for the rest of the hours I need by the start of grade 12 for sure.

Transitions and Changes of becoming a Computer Software Engineer


I love working with computers and I am looking for a job where I can design and analysis software's using computers.


University of Waterloo

Masters of Science in Computer Science

Waterloo, Ontario

September 2018 - June 2024

Louise Arbour Secondary School

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Brampton, Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018


Louise Arbour Secondary School Badminton Team

April 2016 - June 2016

Louise Arbour Secondary School Hockey Intramural

December 2015 - January 2016

I was the Team Captain for my hockey team.

Louise Arbour Secondary School Robotic

October 2015 - June 2016

I was one of the lead programmers in programming the robot.

Sunny View Badminton Tournament

March 2014 - March 2014

I came in a 4th Place Ranking.

Sunny View Hockey League

January 2014 - February 2014

I got it past Semi-Finals.

Volunteer Experience

Louise Arbour Secondary School Library

Library Management

Brampton, Ontario

October 2015 - June 2016

Have won the Student of The Month Leadership Award.

Phap Van Buddhist Cultural Centre

Event Planner

Brampton, Ontario

September 2015 - September 2015

Planned a special event for the Vietnamese Festival.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to manage and organize information.
  • I'm very good at math, so I'm able to count with more speed and accuracy.
  • Very good at Computing and a strong programmer.
  • Leadership and management.
  • Proficient in written and oral languages. I can speak and write English and Cantonese and I have a working knowledge of German and French.
  • I have problem-solving abilities.
  • I can take part in many projects and tasks.
  • Teamwork.


  • Recognition of Master Degree June 2024


  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma

June 2018

  • Master Degree of Science in Computer Science

June 2024

Hobbies and Interests

  • Creating Animation.
  • Love playing hockey and badminton, as well as tennis and table tennis.
  • I'm very interested in computer's, so I usually tend to take the time and learn about them.
  • I am one of those online gamer types, I still love playing games just for the fun of it.


Alex Orwell, Lead Designer, Google Inc, 647-855-4276,

Emily Schwartz, Programmer, Intel Corporation, 416-852-2967,

Challenges and Solutions

1. Global Competition and Outsourcing

This is the 21st century. An age where technology is vastly expanding to become more reliable, efficient, and creating a whole new generation. Most people would want to have the latest technology, whether it is a brand new iPhone, the newest android phone, or even the newest PC’s for their everyday needs. We live in a well-connected world. However, in this well-connected world, there are many other companies and businesses that are trying to bring out the best technology they can possibly come up with. As a computer software engineer, they are people that design and develop the latest software’s to fulfill other people’s needs. But there are many other people that has this type of job as well, so it is always a constant competition to create the newest and the best technology to top all of the others. The competition is worldwide and it is something that computer software engineers have to cope with. Starting off small and working your way up is a good way to overcome this challenge. Don’t set expectations too high, otherwise there will be struggles along the way. Design and create software’s at your own pace and always find ways that you can make improvements to make them even more better. This challenge is quite difficult to overcome as it is a global challenge, but following your own strengths and not worrying about what others are doing is your way to go when trying to deal with it.

2. Upgrading skills constantly.

Technology is changing very rapidly. Every day, there are new enhancements and inventions that are made towards technologies to make them better for our daily lives. As a computer software engineer, you have to keep yourself active and updated on the latest technology otherwise you would be left behind in the race and wouldn’t make as much profit as you intend to. Open to learning new things everyday can help you overcome this challenge. It does require a lot of work but in the end, it keeps you updated on what has already been invented and what is upcoming in the near future. Maybe your software might be a great success, there is always a chance. You also have to learn to start adapting to these type of changes and create an even bigger change for yourself. This is not a difficult challenge to overcome when taking this job but it is something you would need to understand and adapt to quickly in order to maintain stability in the job.

3. Long hours, tight deadline, and little to no personal and social life.

When you’re thinking about your family or friends, you tend to talk about your social life and personal life. Work is something that is very cumbersome and can be long and tiring. Well, as a computer software engineer, there are many long hours that you have to work with. There are set hours from when you get there and when you leave, but there would be occasions where you would be working overtime on projects or assignments that are given, so there would be irregular work schedules for your projects and assignments. You would also have a lot of projects and assignments that you would have to work on as well as having tight deadlines for those project and assignments, which adds more to the difficulty of trying to find free time for your personal and social life. Now, it doesn’t mean that your personal life and social life would completely disappear from your life. It just means this job is very demanding and contacts with your personal and social life would be reduced by quite a lot. In order to overcome this type of challenge, there needs to be a lot of organization skills as well as time management skills in order to be successful and balanced at the job. This is probably one of the hardest challenge to overcome as it could take you years to start adapting towards this kind of lifestyle. Most people that do have these jobs mostly quit because of this obstacle, so being organized and managing priorities is a good way to go.

4. Sitting job.

There are many jobs around the world, some can be proactive while others can be just a normal sitting job. This is one of those jobs. Working mostly every day, sitting down in a chair and designing software. It isn’t really the most proactive job in the world and it gets really repetitive too. If you are some who likes to move around their workspace, then this job might be difficult for you. The biggest challenge about this is sitting. Some people like sitting but you will be sitting for probably the entire time you are working. According to, sitting too long can cause a sufferable amount of back pain, which is not something people would want. To overcome this, just take 5 to 10 minute breaks in between 1 to 2 hour sessions. Resting doesn’t hurt the body, so it is better to relax more often but not too often. Many people tend to think that they need to get the work done and have full concentration over their work but not resting will cause stress and can even cause a lack in ideas. So it is good for you to take rests every once in awhile to keep your brain fresh and ideas flowing.

5. Age Discrimination

When talking about creating software, you would require to be creative in what you create. This job is a very demanding job and would want to focus on future technological advancements. Some companies believe that people in the job that are over 40 years of age, aren’t able to perform as well as people who are younger than 40 years of age. Which limits the criteria in what the companies want. There are many talented people from all over the world and having age restrictions just ruins the opportunities that people have in wanting to apply for the job. This challenge is quite general and it isn’t something that can be overcome that easily, due to the age discrimination from most companies. The best option when faced with this situation is to try and prove your skills towards the job. Yes, there will possibly be some age discrimination but proving your skills would at least give you a better chance of being accepted rather than doing nothing at all about it.


Overall, as a computer software engineer there are many challenges people have to face within their jobs. Even applying for the job has some challenges in it of itself. To overcome them, there are many strategies and ways to go for. Maintaining the job can be very difficult but it is applying these solutions towards the challenges is what makes a successful computer software engineer.