Rich vs. Poor


City Life in the 1800's R.vs.P

The expansion of people in the city grew rapidly due to new immigrants coming to America, also many families gave up their farm life and move into the cities. City life was difficult ad dangerous, many people couldn't afford houses due to the low wages. The poor mainly lived in areas called slums (crowded section of a city with run-down and unsafe houses). or the "ghetto" (areas of the same ethnicity living together). Families of many lived in one to two room buildings. In the ghetto and slums was where many diseases were spread (typhoid,cholera). The rich in the city built mansions on the rims of town, they lived like European royalty.

Work Life

The work life had a very big difference between the rich and poor. The rich controlled large corporations and monopolies. They had immigrants work for them with very little pay and the workers(poor) who actually made the money didn't get the amount they deserved. In the picture below it demonstrates how the poor kept the large corporations up. Some of the industries in this image are Linens, Fields Millions, Gould's Millions. Another difference between the rich and poor work industries is that there were many "Captains of Industries and Robber Barons". Rockefeller was a Robber Baron due to him taking over the government with oil industries. They also worked children so more money could be made and help out their own families wages because the parents weren't paid enough. Children began working around the ages of 6, and had the same amount of hours as adults. No education was given to these children because they had to work in factories, mines, etc. The working conditions were very awful to he poor and children, no vacation nor sick days. Many diseases were spread throughout the factories, and very hazardous machines.