Knight Life 08-07-20

Important Dates

Aug. 10 Textbook/Materials Pick Up 9-3... 8th grade only if possible (Bus Loop)

Aug. 11 Textbook/Materials Pick Up 9-3... 7th grade only if possible (Bus Loop)

Aug. 12 First Day of School

Aug. 13 Canvas Parent Help Session 5-6 pm (Zoom)

Aug. 18 Canvas Parent Help Session 5-6 pm (Zoom)

Textbook/Materials Pick Up in Bus Loop

On Monday and Tuesday, August 10th and 11th you will be given the opportunity to do a curbside pick-up of any textbooks/consumables that students may need for the coming year.

To speed up the process and avoid traffic congestion we are suggesting that the schedule below be followed if possible.

Monday, August 10th

8th graders


Tuesday, August 11th

7th graders


In the past most parents arrive at exactly 9 am which can cause longer lines. If a later time fits your schedule you may be able to go through a little faster.

In an effort to expedite the distribution process please help by having written in large legible print showing through the window:

  • Students first and last name
  • Students band class
  • Spanish class if applicable
  • Students math class... Options are below

7th math (Level)

8th Pre - Alg (Level)

7th Honors Pre Algebra

Honors Alg I

Honors Geometry


Joe Daw

8th Pre-Alg

Concert Band


Having a copy of your child's schedule will be helpful as well.

Cars will enter the back of the building through the bus loop for the curbside pickup.

Thank you for your time and patience through this process.



All Knox Band students (excluding Beginning Band) will need to come up to Knox to pick up their NEW Band Binders. There are two opportunities to pick them up below. Please pick up your binder at the back of the school in the bus loop.

Monday, August 10th, from 9-3 (8th grade only if possible)

Tuesday, August 11th, from 9-3 (7th grade only if possible)

First Day of School

What to expect on Aug. 12

Detailed information about what to expect the first day of school will be sent Monday evening. Some highlights of what's happening that day are as follows:

  • We will have homerooms through second period starting at 8:50.
  • An email will be sent by our teachers inviting your child to a zoom meeting... This is our way of checking in to make sure your child is enrolled.
  • Video presentations will be shared to prepare students for the first 3 weeks of instruction.
  • Students will be able to meet with each one of their teachers throughout the day to discuss class procedures and protocols.

Once again, more detailed information will be sent Monday evening.


We will be sending out a Canvas "How To" document Monday evening. Canvas has been used for face to face and online learning at Knox for a few years now. Most of our 8th graders are familiar with Canvas, but we want to help those that have not used it as much any way we can. The documents and videos we send Monday will help you and your child navigate through each function as we begin the school year. Canvas will be active Wednesday morning for students. A significant portion of the day will be spent sharing Canvas protocols with our kids. We will also have live Parent Help Sessions on the following dates:

Aug. 13 - 5-6 pm

Aug. 18 - 5-6 pm

A link to the Zoom meetings will go out a few days in advance of each event.

Fall Sports Update

Information about Football, Volleyball, and Cross Country is as follows:

Football - Football workouts will begin Aug. 17.

We will alternate days for 7th and 8th grade practices. The first week schedule is as follows:

Aug. 17 - 7th grade 4-6pm

Aug. 18 - 8th grade 4-6 pm

Aug. 19 - 7th grade 4-6pm

Aug. 20 - 8th grade 4-6 pm

Aug. 21 - 7th grade 4-6pm

More information will be sent home by the coaches as we approach Aug. 17.

Updates are coming to the football website soon.

Volleyball - Information about the Volleyball Program can be accessed by going to the link below. Items include tryout dates and times, workout schedule, game schedule etc...

Cross Country - Students in Cross Country should be running on their own at this time. Face to face workouts will begin Aug. 17 at the following times:

Girls - 7:00 - 8:50

Boys - 7:00 - 8:50

CC Athletes will report to the track dressed out and ready to run. There will be a QR code sign in. Students can run with their phones. More information will be sent home by the coaches as we approach Aug. 17.

For all sports students will wear masks when they report to campus . We also ask that they bring their own water bottle.

Math Information

Below is some information from the Knox Math Department.

All students will need a 1 inch – 1.5 inch binder for their math notebook (this is on the school supply list).

Pre-Algebra (7th and 8th) and Algebra students: We will be using the TI-84+ graphing calculator in class. We have a class set of these but many students like access to them at home. You do not have to purchase a calculator. There are several free apps and downloads that are available. These will be listed on your child’s math canvas course. If you want to purchase a calculator, we recommend the TI-84+. Again, this is not a requirement.

7th Pre-Algebra and Algebra: There is summer review packet on the Knox website (go to website, scroll down, click ‘View All News’, and then click ‘Math Packets for Students’). This is fabulous practice to start the school year. This is not a grade and will not be turned in. It is completely optional but should really help refresh your child’s memory and fill in some gaps before we start.

-Knox Math Department


Student Schedules will be available in Parent Access Center (PAC) on Aug. 5. If you do not have a PAC account and would like to register for one please open the link below.

Schedules are not going to be visible in Canvas until the first day of school.

Last Weeks Information That Remains Pertinent ...

Electronic Device Pick Up

For Students With No Electronic Device For Online Learning

If you were not able to make it to our Device Pick Up event today or have questions about electronic devices for online learning please contact Assistant Principal James Bishop at and we will accommodate you any way we can.

Color Guard, Cheer, and Gingham Girls

Our coaches and directors are working out a plan for our spirit squads. They will be back to work Wednesday, Aug. 5 and share updated information with you.

School Supply List

Please open the link below to access the suggested school supply list for this school year.


If your child has not had a physical please open the link below for all the information you need to know before your child participates in a UIL activity.

Your child cannot and will not be able to participate until this is done.

Online Student and UIL Activities

There have been a few questions about whether a student choosing online instruction can participate in a UIL activities in person. Example… Can a football player or Gingham Girl come to those classes only? The answer is yes, but parents will have to provide transportation.

Virtual Open House/Orientation

We will be using Canvas as the hub for our online instruction. In an effort to start bulding a positive relatiosnship with your child our teachers will post a video in Canvas introducing themselves as well as sharing class information that will help as we begin the school year. This will take the place of the traditional Open House and will start a line of communication from school to home.

Online Learning

There have been some questions about what our online instruction will look like. We have two models that will be utilized.


Two-way, real-time/live, remote instruction between teachers and students when students are not on campus.


In this method, students learn from instruction that is not necessarily being delivered in-person or in real time. This type of instruction may include various forms of digital and online learning, such as prerecorded video lessons or game-based learning tasks that students complete on their own, and pre-assigned work and formative assessments made available to students on paper.

Our goal is to be flexible with you and your family to help any way we can. We will continue to use Canvas at Knox Jr. High. Our staff will be meeting with kids to make sure they know the ins and outs of this program to maximize their abilities in a virtual environment.

Curbside Breakfast and Lunch

We will offer curbside lunches starting Aug. 13. Please plan to come through the bus loop to pick them up. There will be an ID requirement for each student. Information about Curbside Breakfast/Lunch protocols will be sent next week.

Please refer to the following website for any questions regarding free and reduced meals information or the application process.

Coming Soon

Information about the activities below will be coming out soon.

  • Ramp up to Sept. 8
  • More Aug. 12 information
  • Transportation
  • Arrival and Dismissal
  • PTO Information
  • School Supplies

Roadmap to Reopening Conroe ISD

Below is the link to CISD's Road Map to Reopening as well as some of our plans for Knox. This site will be updated regularly as new information becomes available. There are still some decisions to be made and questions that have not been answered, but this information can help address many of the inquiries we have received.

Knox Guidelines:

In an effort to limit the exposure to COVID-19 as much as possible we are adjusting some of our procedures to reduce the risk to our students and staff. Please know that we understand some of the changes are inconvenient. We ask for your patience and understanding. We hope to ease off of some of the restrictions in the future, but need them in place now to assure a great and safe start of school. Any adjustments or changes will be sent to you ASAP.

General Information

  1. All parents and students are asked to self-screen for COVID-19 prior to leaving home each morning (Screening Information will be sent out prior to school).
  2. Utilize good hygiene throughout the day... sanitizer stations will be available at entrances to the building and in the main hallways.
  3. Limit the number of students to 2-3 students in a restroom at a time.
  4. Practice Social Distancing as much as possible

Masks/Face Shields

  1. All students/staff must wear a mask in all parts of the building.
  2. Students and staff will be able to remove masks as follows:
    1. Eating Lunch
    2. In Class as appropriate determined by the teacher (instructional purposes)


  1. All students in hallways are expected to walk on the right side. (Stay Right and Stay Safe – reduces face to face interactions and helps with flow)
  2. Use entrances to the side halls at the far ends of the building to reduce cross traffic.
  3. Keep moving in halls and go to class as soon as possible.
  4. No standing and talking. Walk and talk in the halls.


  1. Social Distance when possible.
  2. Cooperate with the teacher in regards to safety procedures established.


  1. Limit the number of people at a table.
  2. Keep mask on except when actually eating.


  1. Students need to have their student ID to use for touchless lunch lines, library checkout, etc... We plan to distribute ID's the first day of school

Visitor’s to campus

  1. Limited to School Operational/Instruction purposes only.
  2. Utilize the Video/Speaker system to the right of the front doors to gain access if necessary.
  3. Early Pick-up – Call ahead and call upon arrival for curb-side check-out . Please do not pick up after 3:30 unless it's an emergency.


  1. Call upon arrival for medication drop-off curb-side
  2. Call upon arrival for child pick-up if sick in clinic.

Deliveries - Due to number of individuals touching items:

    1. We will not accept any lunch deliveries.
    2. We will not accept any item deliveries. (Uniforms, school supplies, equipment, projects, etc)