Rhode Island Come To Stay

Rhode Island has many good ways that should persuade you to come and stay. Because it is a beautiful place to life due to the land and the scenery. There are many good things about it but there are a few bad things like cold snowy winters and hot and humid summers but the good things out rule them. Some of the good things are that it is free religion and they did not have slaves.

Comparing Bad and Good

The Bad

  • Rhode Island has cold winters
  • Connecticut and Massachusetts have one religion and have slaves
  • Connecticut has a law breaking leader
  • Massachusetts has a not so experienced leader

The Good

  • Rhode Island is any religious belief
  • Rhode island accepted jews
  • Rhode island did not have slaves they only did slave trade
  • Rhode Island has nice summers

Don´t go to or stay at Massachusetts or Connecticut

Some of the colonies that you should not move to are Massachusetts and Connecticut. Because they are both only one religion, they have slaves and they have strict government. Also you might be in trouble if you do not agree with there religion.