Hot Topics for Administrators in Northeast Kansas

#Instructional Conversations

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 9am-2pm

201 E Iowa St

Hiawatha, KS

This event will take place at the Fisher Community Center.
Districts are encouraged to bring teams of educators - PreK-12 principals, superintendents, assistant superintendents, curriculum and school improvement leaders, instructional coaches and assessment personnel. Districts individualize learning for their students, so why not their staff? Come learning how #InstructionalConversations can be used to support professional learning that is individualized for your educators during district inservices. This unique method can also be used to support new teacher trainings on district focus areas. As a bonus, attendees will also have the opportunity to interact virtually with KSDE on hot topics associated with instruction. Guest speakers include:

  • Jay Scott - IPS (Individual Plan of Study)
  • Scott Smith - Current State Assessment Information.

#Instructional Conversations

What are YOUR professional learning needs pertaining to the challenges and Hot Topics of our state? This session is designed to meet your needs and provide an opportunity to learn from other school leaders in your area. The workshop will be a combination of professional learning about state Hot Topics and #InstructionalConversations with a focus determined by participants.

Objectives include:

  • Providing a venue for area curriculum leaders, principals, superintendents, and instructional coaches to ask questions and receive information on current hot topics in the state and;
  • Engaging participants in an instructional conversation focused on specific topics suggested by YOU!

All principals and administrative leaders are invited to join us! $125/person for member districts, and $140/person for non-member districts.

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