Saint Nick

The Legend

The legend of Saint Nick

Saint Nick is a legend known across the world. His parents died when he was young, later he went to travel the world on a boat. Eventually, he decided that he should give to people instead of receiving. After that, he went back to his home town. The Mayor of his home town was very mean. The Mayor was soon going to punish some poor people because they could not pay taxes.
Nicholas then went to the poor peoples house, disguised as a Poor person.
The poor people that were going to be punished put their socks next to the fire so they could dry. Nicholas put sacks of money in each of their socks so they could pay the taxes so they didn't have to go to jail. Soon after, the people were so full of joy, they celebrated this day every year. Thanking Saint Nick.


Friday, Dec. 25th, 12am to Saturday, Dec. 26th, 12am

4 Mevlana Cad.


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