RIS Newsletter

Nov. 17-21

Science Club will not meet on Thursday, Nov. 20.

Cake/Candle Fundraiser

If you participated in our Cake/Candle Fundraiser (THANK YOU!!!) - Cakes & Candles will be delivered next Thursday, Nov. 20th! If you have THREE OR LESS cakes/candles TOTAL, they will be sent home with the children that day. If you have FOUR OR MORE TOTAL Items, you must PICK UP Your items at the school between 5-8 Thursday evening!!

If you are unable to do this, please email RIS _PTA@aol.com.

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Auburn/Alabama Penny Drop

Update 11/20: Alabama is STILL leading with $280.70, and Auburn has $160.56. Auburn has brought in more money than Bama the last two days??? What’s up with that??

ACE is sponsoring our annual Auburn/Alabama penny drop! Are you an Auburn or Alabama fan? Which team is favored at RIS? Bring in your pennies and/or loose change to place in your favorite team’s jar each day from this upcoming Monday, November 17th through Monday, November 24th! Two ACE representatives will come around to every classroom each morning to collect the change! We will give you updates on RIS tv each day to let you know which team is winning! The team that wins gets to have a hat day on Tuesday, November 25th where the entire school can ONLY wear Alabama or Auburn hats!! Can we get a Roll Tide OR a War Eagle!!! Alabama has won every year, so Auburn fans better step up their game this year!!!

Progress Reports - Nov. 20

College Football Spirit Day

Next Tuesday, Nov. 25, will be our College Football Spirit Day. Students, faculty and staff should dress to support your favorite team. Remember: MCBOE/ RIS Dress Code will be enforced. No hats allowed.

Spelling Bee

The classroom Spelling bees are being held now.

School wide spelling bee will be January 9th

County Spelling bee February 5th at Randolph

Here are the Spelling Bee study words:

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Yearbooks are now on sale!!

Order online at www.balfour.com OR bring money to EMILY Johnson in the 6th grade. The price is $30 from now until November 25h. After November 25th, the price increases to $35.

We are also offering ads and love lines.

Thanksgiving Break - Nov. 26-28


The next meeting will be on December 3rd, 6th grade members only this meeting.
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RIS Band Winter Concert

Tuesday, December 16

6:00 PM - RIS Gym


RIS has a new phone number: 256-851-4640.

Breakfast & Lunch Prices

Students Breakfast:$1.75 Lunch:$2.25

Visitors Breakfast:$2.75 Lunch:$4.00

Hours of Operation

7:15 am Breakfast; Student entrances open

7:45 am School office opens; Class begins

2:35 pm Class ends

4:00 pm School office closes