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Happy Last Day of School, SG R-II families!

I will keep this short, because summer is here! Just know that we hope that the next few months bring you some relaxation and much-needed time with family and friends. This year has tested all of us—from our littlest preschool students to our most veteran employees. Thank you for remembering to be gracious with each other over the past year. I believe that every one of us has done our best to handle the obstacles thrown our way, and I believe that as a community, these times have revealed a foundation of fortitude.

As you probably know already, this week, long-time, retired SG R-II Superintendent Mr. Mikel A. Stewart passed away. We are incredibly saddened by this great loss, and we will be forever grateful for his staunch support of and advocating for our students, our staff, and our schools. The Ste. Genevieve R-II family mourns his passing, and our thoughts, hearts and prayers are with his family and friends as they deal with this tremendous loss.

Over the summer, we will be sharing information regarding our return to school in the fall. These plans will evolve as August nears, and we ask that you keep up-to-date with the district’s planning via our website posts, social media posts, emails to families, and the Dragons Digest newsletters sent to homes.

Happy Summer!

Dr. Julie Flieg


Facilities Committee Updates

Our District Level Facilities Committee has now met three times in their work to prioritize facility decisions for our students, faculty, staff and community. We want to keep our families informed throughout this process.

Recap: Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, our Facilities Committee launched with seven subcommittees: one for each building, one for athletics, one for Early Childhood, and a district level committee. Throughout 2020, the subcommittees assessed their respective areas and crafted a list of priorities to submit to the district level subcommittee.

New: The District Level committee began meeting monthly starting in March 2021. This group is assessing funding scenarios in order to 1) analyze how best to utilize the District’s current revenue stream to ensure the proper maintenance of cyclical projects, and 2) explore the potential for a future bond issue to address the District’s more extensive facilities needs identified in the priority lists.

This district level committee will complete the development of a Long Range Facility Master Plan, which will be presented to the Board of Education at the Oct. 19, 2021 regularly scheduled meeting.

Facility Planning Timeline:

  • Six of the Subcommittees Work: January – October 2020
  • District Subcommittee Work: March - July 2021
  • Development of Written Facilities Long-Range Plan: July — October 2021
  • Present Facilities Long-Range Plan to Board of Education for Review and Approval: October 19, 2021
  • Potentially Run a Bond Issue: April 2022

We will keep our SG family informed of the group’s progress over the next several months!

Vaccinations — Students Ages 12 and Older

COVID-19 vaccinations are available for all Missourians ages 12 or older. Parents and guardians interested in having their students vaccinated should click here for more details. The choice to become vaccinated can make a positive impact not only on you and your family, but our entire community. Thank you for considering receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

Summer Mailers

Make sure to watch for the summer mailers heading to homes in July! This packet will include essential information for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.

FREE Child Developmental Screenings

Did you know that Parents As Teachers offers FREE community developmental screening for all children ages 3 months - 5 years old? Click the link here for more details, or call PAT at 573-883-4500 ext. 2424 to schedule an appointment.

Board of Education

See the May 18, 2021, edition of Board Briefs here. The district now has school board management software called BoardDocs, which can be accessed here. Board documents are located in this area, and this software will be included on the district's website soon.

As always, be sure to check out our social media feeds and the “News” section of our websites to all of the wonderful stories around SG R-II!