What a Toe-rific Week

Week 5 Updates

This Week

We had another fun week learning about parts of the body and the clothes we wear! We sang Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, and did the Hokey Pokey. We colored pictures of clothes, and then we got a chance to "wash" real clothes with spray bottles and hang them up on the fence outside using clothespins. We enjoyed moving around while playing Alphabet Actions (e.g., "roll your Ankle, Hop on one foot"). We also painted different designs using rollers on paper clothing, washed babies, and played clothing bingo.

In addition to learning about the body/clothes, we also played several turn-taking games, including fishing for numbers and letters, and passing a ball around the circle until the music stopped. We worked on answering the question, "who has the ball?" We practiced the concept of big and little using different objects around the classroom. We also did a number sequencing game that resulted in pictures of animals. The kids had fun playing with "moon sand" (flour and baby oil) and making their own lemonade!

On Thursday, we sang happy birthday to Liam and played with the play-doh that he brought for us. Thank you - Happy birthday Liam!!

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Next Week

Next week, we will be doing various weather activities and discussing the weather that we see outside. We will also have a pizza shop in the dramatic play area!