the boy who saved baseball

by the braeden rieck


I believe the theme is always beleve in yourself. Like tom he never gave up

The Hero

Dante Del Gato

Dante Del Gato was the hero because he made the choise to come and help the Wildcats. He could of siad NO get the heck out of here, and told on them for braking down his wall.Dante was a nasty peson in the "Big inning" ,but when they got to know him he was kinda sweet and soft but hard headed. 

About Cruz Del a Cruz


Cruz was a very positive and funny person. He is always there for soneone that needs him. He was the Wildcats best player until he vanished. Cruz reminds me of Matt Enger, Matt is a positive and funny peson like Cruz

Tom Gallager

Tom,he was a shy and quiet peson who never talked, but then he changed because he used to not talk alot but now he talks to everybody. It was a positive change because he interacted with other kids


The book didnt turn out how I thought it would. This book was an fun and exciting setting for the charatars. The climax was when They created the HitSim. It was a great accomplishment for the team.