Fallen Angels

By award wining author: Walter Dean Myers

This book won Coretta Scott King Award for Authors

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"We were headed back to the real world" (Myers 309).

The seventeen year old Richie Perry had just came off a basketball injury when he volunteered in the army to get away from his life back in Harlem, New York. Little did he know how much worse the war was going to be than dealing with his alcoholic divorced mother and his knee injury. Now sick, tired, and scared, Perry has to stay in Vietnam till the end of the war, or so he thought. After being shot twice and hit with shrapnel, they finally find Perry's medical profile which lets him leave and go back to the real world. Fallen Angels is the tale of a young Richie Perry's experiences and fight for survival in the Vietnam war.
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Authors Bio:

Walter Dean Myers dedicated this book to his older brother whom died fighting in Vietnam on May 7, 1968.


"Walter Dean Myers's book about the Vietnam war fills a tremendous void. . . .[Myers] is at his best here." -The Boston Sunday Globe

"Everything about this book rings true. . . . Excellent reading." -Voice of Youth Advocates

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