Barclay Bulletin

December 29, 2020

January is Almost Here

2020 really surprised me. I never would have imagined a calendar year being so tumultuous. From a complete shutdown to fully remote learning in the Spring to a 20-21 school year that sees us in a hybrid learning model. I will not venture a guess to what the new year will bring us, but I'm hoping it will not be nearly as difficult as this past year has been. Each family and household has been impacted differently by the events of the past year. We cannot possibly know everything that our neighbors and friends are facing, but it is a perfect opportunity to forge strong relationships with those around us. People we have come to know and love as well as those strangers who may just give us a different perspective or outlook. I challenge each of us to find the positives in our situations, to get to know the stories of others, and to create bonds that will bring us closer.

Take a small step forward and begin to build for a brand new year. Who knows what adventures might be out there waiting for you.

Below are Pictures From a Year Ago Today - It Seems So Long Ago

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