No To Sex

By Darvin wade

Over all consequences of sex

Sex can lead to STD's, pregnancy. It can lead to regret and a lot of guilt.

STD's Major Consequences

Chlamydia- infertile

Genital Warts- Block Opening in Genitals

Gonorrhea- Skin Disease

Herpers- Damage to Central Nervous system

HIV- Death

Hepatitis- Cancer

Syphilis- Damage to liver

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Birth control Options

1) Abstinence is the most effective way to provide pregnancy.

2) Birth control

3) A vasectomy

4) The intrauterine device

5) Female Sterilization

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Responsibilities for having a baby

They have to have food, clothes and nice home. You will have alot on your hands. You have to take care of the baby and take it to the doctor

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Safe Delivery Act 2

Allow parents to give there baby to the police, Fire department or hospital. No questions asked

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Underage sex

You can goto jail for having sex underage for several years. Can be hard to get a job.

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Befits of abstinence

Will not get pregnant or Any STD's

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