By Landon Gora author Sarah weeks

The Summary of Pie

So mainly the book PIE is about a girl named Alice, the story starts when Alice is a little kid in her aunt Polly's shop Pie. In the book she is doing stuff with Polly such as, singing songs and playing games. Later Polly has a stroke and passes away. Everyone loved her in her shop, she gave away the pies, and won all the Blueberry awards. Everyone was sad the see her go, especially her best friend Alice.

After Polly passed away every one had been trying to get her secret pie crust recipe.

Which she somehow left to a cat, then she gave the cat to Alice.Well it turned out Alice's dad is allergic to cats, but they keep him.The cat's name was Lardo because under all the dirt on him he was white like a lardo witch is a veggie and a white one. Lardo was also fat. Well one day he was cat napped! Alice knew that because in the middle of the night the window was open, she heard a hiss then a noise. In the morning she woke up and found a gold earning under the radiator and Lardo wasn't under her bed. It wasn't her earring because she cleans under the radiator. She gets her friend Charlie to help find the cat napper. When Alice went down stairs she found her mom doing an inspection on the pie her mom made, which was horrid. Then she thought the girl that was with her mom might be the cat napper. Their first suspect was there principal because at the funeral she was taking something out of the giving basket. She also had an earning like the one Alice found. When they went to their principals house with her package (charlie deliverers packages) they heard grunting in the back yard, so they checked it out. All they found was their principal hitting a punching bag. She didn't have the cat.Then later they got the cat back, because a police officer found him wandering around.

So the next morning Alice saw the girl who was inspecting her mom's pie to win the Blueberry award, and the girl threw the pie out the window. She then drove off and Alice followed the suspicious car that was there the night of the cat nap. On the way she grabbed Charlie. They followed the suspicious car to their neighbor, Nora's house. Alice sent Charlie in to ask Nora out to the movies and in there Charlie yelled, "Alice has been really different since she found the pie crust recipe, she even keeps it under her pillow for protection." Charlie yelled this so the cat napper could hear him and go after the recipe. So that night they made a stakeout and waited for the cat napper. Once she came in through the window Charlie came out of the closet screaming,"Bloody murder!" Then Alice's parents come in and were wondering what was going on. They find the cat napper and it was the Blueberry award runner up, she was the runner up every year, Jane Quizenberry .She had the key to Polly's shop and sleeping powder to drug Lardo. Later Alice got a cigar box from Polly's shop.It had the pie crust recipe in it. Charlie said, "hey lets make a pie" Alice.Alice said okay even though in bad at making pie.Once they were done,Charlie said they made the best pie ever(okay not best pie ever but it said it was good) Just then a man walked in and said he needed the pie crust recipe Alice said WHAT NO! .Well they had to hand over the pie crust recipe and guess what.They printed on the cans of lardo they made.Alice's mom also got to sing the jingle for the commercial.So like most story's there's the happy ending :)

40 years later.Alice was old like 50 and she was never married like Polly was.She still lived in her parents house.Nora lived next door still and married charlie.Alice and Nora became good friends even 1 of her children was named Polly and they called her aunt Alice even though she was not there aunt. They got a new cat because lardo died.(Yes this is all in the ending)

This what i somewhat think of Polly portman

This reminds me of the book because that's what she looks like in my head and she's giving out pie

The pie Alice made

This pie reminds me of the book because it looks like the pie Alice made

This is the other thing i think of Polly.

This picture reminds me of the book because sometimes i think of Polly as a pie ninja.


This cat reminds me of lardo because it's fat and white

Pie shop

The pie shop reminds me of the book pie because it looks like the pie shop in my head.

Alice's moms pie

This what i think Alice's moms pie looks like.Yeah kinda of a disaster