Bill of Rights

Deionna Holmes 3rd

first amendment

  1. the first amendment gives the people the freedom of religion, assembly, press, petition, and speech. The congress can not make any laws that interfere with this amendment. you can exercise your religion, assemble peacefully, petition on to redress a subject, write things down, and speak freely.

second amendment

the second amendment is the right to keep and bear arms. It feels necessary to the security of the free country, and can be used for self defense and hunting

third amendment

the third amendment states that in a time of peace the people do not have to house a soldier, nor in a time of war, but is prescribed by law.

fourth amendment

the fourth amendment says the people are protected against unreasonable search and seizure , but a warrant can be issued with probable cause and what items will be searched and seized. this amendment protects people from being searched for no just reasson

fifth amendment

the right to not self incriminate or the right to remain silent is the fifth amendment. this amendment is important because words are powerful and could be twisted into something you didnt actually say

sixth amendmentt

the sixth amendment allows the person acused to a speedy, public trial and an impartial jury. Also this amendment allows for the rights to; cross examine witnesses, compel witnesses to testify, to be in formed on pending charges, and to have a legal defendant.

seventh amendment

the seventh amendment is the right to have a trail by jury. if you would prefer that you be judged by the jury and not the other way you can have a choice.

eighth amendment

the eighth amendment states excessive bail or excessive fines shall not be imposed or required , nor cruel and unusual punishment. for example this amendment allows the people who stole a candy bar not to be sentenced to death.

ninth amendment

the ninth amendment will not deny any rights that arent specifically mentioned in the constitution.

tenth amendment

the tenth amendment also will not deny any states rights that are not mentioned in the constitution.
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