Cesar Chavez

By Gabriel Falade

Intro and Early Life

Cesar Chavez was born March 31, 1927 he fought for african american rights. He and his family lived in Yuma, Arizona. Introduction

In 1938 Cesar's family sold their house/farm and moved to California. They were migrant workers so they found jobs picking farm crops. Early Life

Life Work, Early Work, and Contributions

Back then migrant workers didn't get the money they worked fo, Cesar father thought him to go on strike for fair pay. Cesar Chavz learned to stand up to unfair treatment, in 1952 Chavaz took a job teaching workers about their rights. Life Work

Chavez in 1962 started the Natinal Farm Workers Association, the union helped farm workers fair treatment and pay. This union led strike for five-years against grapes owners. Early Work

Cesar's life was spent fighting for farmwokers life. Cesar Chavez is remembered nonviolent protests like strikes and fasts to bringabout changed. Cesar Chavez died on April 23, 1993. Contributions