The Taj Mahal

By, Noah Hill

Can you imagine 2 to 4 million people visiting a mausoleum each year? A mausoleum, called the Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world! How and why was the Taj Mahal built? Why is it one of the seven wonders of the world?

Do you know the history of the Taj Mahal??

There was a man named Shah Jahan, who built a mausoleum for his wife, Mutaz Mahal. Mutaz Mahal died giving birth to her thirteenth child. There is still a legend today that says the first people buried in the Taj Mahal are Mutaz Mahal and her children.

Decisions, Decisions!!!

Shah Jahan had to decide how to design the Taj Mahal, what was he thinking about? When Shah Jahan created the Taj Mahal he wanted it to be fancy. He used five different types of marble from China! He had 1,000 elephants to get the marble and materials to the site! The building is 186 square feet and has corners rising 108 feet tall. The tall drum dome rises 243 feet tall and it looks like a round cake! Finally, three minarts or towers are about 138 feet high.

How is the Taj Mahal famous??

There are some of the most famous people buried at the Taj Mahal, even Shah Jahan! It is one of the best Islamic tombs ever built. Up to 4 million tourist visit the Taj Mahal each year! All of these things make the Taj Mahal one of the seven wonder of the world!
Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife, Mutaz Mahal. He wanted it to be a glorious place to remember her. He wanted to use many different materials to build the massive and marvelous mausoleum. Now you can imagine why 2 to 4 million tourist come to see the amazing Taj Mahal each year? No wonder It is one of the seven wonders of the world!!!
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This is the Taj Mahal shown here. This show how many tourist come here each year!