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May 3, 2016


Students finished completing their digital comics and some even presented them to the class. Third graders who had their comics finished last week, worked on new projects in their Snap Circuit sets!


Students reviewed long division and many of the objectives they have learned in Electrical Engineering this year. They looked inside of a musical greeting card to see what makes the sound. Afterwards, they put goggles on and selected items to explore the insides of. They chose calculators, keyboards, stopwatches, hairdryers and more! Students make predictions to their partners as to what they would find on the inside of each one. It was a valuable learning activity which satisfied their curiosity!
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Social Studies

Most of our students have finished their Branson letters from our Google Earth project and are now working on a Minecraft Mission! There is a lot of problem solving going on as students help each other learn to move and use the inventory in Minecraft. We will have next week to work on Branson letters and Minecraft missions!


Today students tried out the website! This is a creative, open-ended site for coding. The site is free to create an account, but students were told to check with parents first. Everyone was busy creating and coding! This would be an excellent site to continue coding this summer!

Performing Arts

Students worked on puppet shows with partners, which they will be presenting to kindergartners next week!

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