CAB Teachmeet

The first meeting to share great ideas

Introduction to the event

The presentations

Below you can find links to the presentations. Please feel free to view them again and then try something new in your teaching. If you need any support, please get in touch.

Mat Pullen

Mat is giving a brief overview to the benefits of using Edmodo. Lots of the later presentations link really nicely into this app as a way of sharing with students. Edmodo is available on all devices with internet access via

Ben Pearce

Here is Ben discussing how he has used Comic Life in his lessons and what impact it has had.

Comic Life is available on ios and on Apple computers

Comic Life

Jon Mailey

Here Jon discusses how he has used Socrative within his Pastoral role. Socrative is a free app on most mobile devices and also available on the web at

Sian Roberts

Sian is describing how she uses Class Dojo with her classes to motivate students. Class Dojo is an app for Ios and also available on the web at
Class Dojo

Gabby DeLuca

Gabby is discussing how she uses Explain Everything to help her students in English understand paragraph construction. Explain Everything is available to download on IOS
Explain Everything

Tom McGuiness

Tom is looking at a really simple but effective use of the camera on the iPad to visualise student work to the rest of the class.

James Mooney

James is looking at how he uses Burst Mode and Explain Everything on his iPad to get students to reflect o their learning and then to create learning guides.
Visual Analysis

Louise Ellerker

Louise is presenting about blogging in developing reflective learners in her lessons as part of the PE literacy drive.
Blogging for reflective learners