The END of YEAR Staff Happenings

Week of June 8- June 12

Nuts and Bolts

NWEA Dog Tag Procedures and Parent Reports:

As we did last year, we will recognize the largest growth for each class with Dog Tags. I will be calling each grade level chair to announce their top three NWEA growth winners in each class. Teachers please give the chairs the information so they can announce. Please pick up your dog tags from Pam to present on Thursday. Please make sure that you send home reports with report card. You are welcome to use the parent friendly report kindergarten shared.

Summer School Positions

I will be doing summer school placements this week. We still have openings for Jumpstart if you are interested.


As part of the check out procedure you will need to sign out your laptop if you want to keep it over the summer. Pam will have the forms in the office. If you do not plan on taking your laptop you will need to turn it in to Pam and sign it in.

End of the Year Volunteers- Important

After receiving requests for volunteers under the age of 18, the Superintendent and the School Board have agreed that we will not allow students from districts outside of Hanover to volunteer at our school functions. I just wanted to let you know if you were asked, since it was just addressed at last week's Board Meeting. I know some of you were willing to have your own children come to help out, but we have to be consistent with the decision.

Summer PD conferences

I still have some room for the PUC inquiry Math workshops

Grades K-2 will be offered by Merrillville August 3-7 8am-11

Grades 3-5 will be offered HERE at Jane Ball July 27-30 12-4

Just a few reminders:

Grades are due end of the day Monday.

Please make sure you have completed all check out procedures.

Please make sure Pam has your summer contact information.

Check your school email regularly over the summer for updates and information.

What's Happening


8:00 Grade 1 File Review

Grades are due end of the day!


8:00 K-1 Class Lists

Paw Redemption Assembly -The Brain Show- Funded by PTO

K-2 9-10

3-5 10:15-11:15


8:00 K File Review

Field Day PAM will be emailing you with more specifics on Monday

Grades 3-5 9:00- 11:45

Grades K-2 12:15-3:00


9:15-10:30 Slideshow and Awards

Perfect Attendance awards

Dog tags for NWEA growth

Honor Roll


Final Teacher workday

1:30 OPTIONAL meeting in Library for Staff interested in Brainstorming Ideas For Back to School Night 2015.

All teachers need to check out with Pam. Check out procedures will be emailed.

Monday June 15-July 3 IREAD Summer School AT LINCOLN

Jumpstart K-5 July 27-August 7 at Jane Ball

First Day of School August 19

Back to School night August 18

Staffing Changes for next year.

April Severs will be going on a one year Maternity Leave

Kayla Reidenga will move from grade 2 to grade 3

Marcie Duncan will be shared by both Jane Ball and Lincoln as the Literacy Coordinator for both schools.

Assessment Star 360

Grade level chairs were asked to give me the name of the Grade Level Representative from each grade level that will participate in this years training at central office on STAR 360. The training will take place with a morning or afternoon session on August 10. (Exact times are still forth coming). ALL staff will be trained on the use of STAR 360 the rep from the grade level will be the expert and I will be helping as well through our data meetings.

Staff that served on the Assessment design team were automatically invited to participate.

Mary stated she would still like only one rep from each grade level. If we have additional slots we can make a list of interested staff and add them.

If you have questions or concerns please let me know.


Shout Outs

Shout outs this week to the Kindergarten teachers and April Severs for an amazing Kindergarten graduation.

Thank you to the Pam and Lori for CRAZY Friday! We had two field trips, the fire drill and K graduation! That was ALOT to handle. We value your hard work and patience!

Special Shout out to Tracy Lakomek, Janet Neitzel,Marcie and the title staff for getting all the IREAD testing worked out as well as documenting the scores in Google docs. They also helped get all the summer school letters out.

Congratulations to Tracy Lakomek who successfully wrote a grant to expand our Minds in Motion Curriculum.

Library Volunteers and UPDATES

Marcie, Tracy, Janet, Vicki and I met with Brett Wright. He was VERY helpful as we plan to update our library. If you are interested in helping this summer please email me. Most of what we are planning does not require money just work. We will try to get out a plan and timeline sometime in the near future to keep everyone up to date on the changes and gather feedback from staff.