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March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This week we are working on summarizing texts and comparing elements of a text to another text with the same theme or topic. We read two nonfiction texts, Walking Tall and Winning the Vote. Both texts deal with groups of people who wanted to change a law. Students summarized each text individually. They will use the remaining part of this week to compare different parts of the texts.

In grammar, students are learning how to correctly use possessive nouns. We have been using singular nouns and introduced plural possessives this week.

We have completed our biographies and many are hanging in the hall on display. One thing I can say is that these students certainly love their parents. The biographies were wonderful. We are ending our opinion writing period and will be reviewing the types of writing that we have learned so far.

In math, we have been working with fractions. I'm very proud of the work students have been doing with fractions. This week we are comparing fractions with like and unlike denominators. Students will also work to partition shapes to show fractional parts.

Math Knowledge you need:

Partition - to divide

Comparing like denominators - Simply compare the numerators like you would a whole number. 1/4 < 3/4.

Comparing unlike denominators - The larger the denominator, the smaller the parts are. 2/3 > 2/5. (In class we talked about sharing a pie. The question asked: Which way will give you more pie, sharing with 3 people and getting 2 of the slices or sharing with 5 people and getting 2 slices?)

In science, we are are beginning a new unit on plant and animal adaptations. Students have been learning physical (what we can see) and behavioral (an action) adaptations that help animals survive. They will be doing a camouflage activity using paper butterflies. Be sure to ask your child to explain camouflage in science. (It's not just for hunting deer.)

In social studies, we are studying the Antebellum period of wealth and political power. We will begin exploring how conflicts over slavery and other issues led to South Carolina and other states seceding from the United States and becoming the Confederacy. We are also excited about Wednesday's South Carolina day!

Volunteer Opportunities

1. Lesslie is in need of proctors (monitors) to help with standardized testing. There will be a brief training and those who volunteer to help will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card. Please contact Asst. Principal Keri Beth Brown.

2. Our class has an upcoming field trip to Camp Cherokee on April 16th. We will need a volunteer willing to drive and follow the bus in case of an emergency. We may also be able to take a few more volunteers. At this time, we are just trying to gauge the interest of any volunteers. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you!

Homework Strategies


Thank you for your participation in the homework survey. The results will be helpful as Mrs. Manning completes her degree at Winthrop University.

Multiplication Timed Tests

Congratulations to these students for passing their multiplication facts.

3- Nathan

6 - Cameron A.

9 - Kolton and Blake L.

8 - Landon and Makhi

7 - Drake

Congrats! Keep Practicing.

Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday , March 18th - South Carolina Day; Antebellum Assessment

  • Thursday, March 19th - Literacy Night

  • Wednesday , March 25th - End of the 3rd quarter

  • Monday, March 29th - March Reading Log due (Final Book-it Log)

  • March 30th - April 3rd - Spring Break (No School)