2nd Grade Newsletter

Ms. Perry's Class

What we are learning this week

Reading- Reading to Learn New information

Writing- Narrative Stories and Thanksgiving writing.

Spelling/Phonics- ee and ea sound
words to study (including fry words)

I am changing the way I grade spelling. I will only be grading 3 spelling words (the one's below that I stared) On Monday, I will be sending home a rubric which will be how I will start grading spelling and writing. I want the words to be in context and used in an authentic way. At first, we will write them in sentences. We will move to writing a story the later part of the year.

When practicing spelling, have your child begin using the following words in sentences.

1. steam
2. team **
3. mean **
4. clean **
5. jean
6. every
7. near
8. add
9. food
10. between

Math- Addition and Subtraction Story Problems cont. and Odd/Even Numbers

Social Studies- Thanksgiving


Important Information

If you have not already emailed or sent in a photo of your child having fun or a recent memory, please do so today. We will be using them for a narrative writing piece this week. It could be a photo of a vacation, Thanksgiving last year, swimming at the pool, etc. If you want me to print out the photo please email me a copy.

If your child has not brought in a set of markers, quart sized ziploc bags and 8 1/2 sized construction and manilla paper, we can use those supplies.

Also some Science supplies needed:

most urgent (when we get back from break) foam tubing used to insulate pipes (to make ramps and roller coasters), cookie sheets, tempera paint of different colors.

*thank you to Mrs. Rota for the paper towel tubes, and baby food jars!

empty water bottles
empty 2-liter bottles
eye droppers
colored tissue paper (primary colors)
cotton balls
5-6 2 cup rubbermaid type/throwaway containers
shaving cream (3-4 cans-not the gel)
Plastic insects/bugs/fish
Modeling clay

I really could not do this without support from parents!

Thank you so much!

Have a great week!

Upcoming Events

November 13th Chick-Fil-a Night

November 14th Movie Night

November 21st Spirit Rally

November 24th-November 28th Thanksgiving Break

November 28th-December 3rd Fundraiser Five Below

December 6th-Breakfast with Santa

December 8th-12th Holiday Store