Blackboard Reminders

Now, what was I supposed to be doing with this?

Keeping it Simple!

Remember with Blackboard we are starting out simple. You can certainly go farther, but we want to make sure that at the beginning we have our basics covered.

Required Sections

Below are the sections that everyone must have. You may use these sections differently depending on whether or not you are a homeroom teacher.

Welcome Page - Home Page

Your first page should be your welcome page. This page should include information from your beginning of the year introduction letter. (And next year it will take the place of that letter!) You can type or copy and paste information here or even attach a PDF copy of it. You can include information about yourself, your schedule, your grading procedures, etc.

Keep in mind that this information is only visible to your current students and parents. It isn't visible to anyone without a Blackboard login.


The next page in the list is for announcements. You should add items to this periodically. This page will function as your class "Newsletter." If you already have a newsletter, you could copy/paste from it or just attach it.

Make sure that you specify dates that each post will be visible. Click "Date Restricted" then choose "Display Until" and choose 5/20/2016 if you want it visible all year. If you don't do this, then announcements may "fall off" after a time.


If you assign homework, then you should have made one of your Content Pages into a Homework page. The students' responsibility is getting their homework done and turned in. Blackboard just gives them a place to find out what that homework is. It also gives you a place to put electronic resources (like websites you want them to visit) and attach worksheets for those students that forget theirs or are absent.

You can organize your Homework page in different ways. You could just create "Items" and put the most recent at the top. Or, you could create "Folders" for a day/week and then create "Items" in those folders.