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Week of March 9th

This week at New Haven:

Monday- Think Tank and Student Growth Goals- I am encouraging you to use this Monday to gather and analyze your student growth goals from your PGES plan. We will be meeting NEXT Monday as a team to review them together. Special Education teachers- you will need to pick a team to attend with. I wanted to give you a week's notice before we begin our talks.

Wednesday & Thursday- student voice surveys for ALL 3rd - 5th grade teachers, specialists, and special education teachers. See Schedule to know where to go! :)

Thursday- Jeans day.... it IS the last day of the work week. (kind of) :)

Friday- Professional Development day (& K registration)- No students. Focus will be on RtI and Special Education Processes.

For the good of the All:

The Winter Carnival was a HUGE success! The Jail alone made $1600! It was a TON of fun. I was talking to a 5th grader at the end of the night about how many times I got put in jail and we were joking. I said, "Let's hope that's the only time I go to jail" and she said "Hey- if you gotta go to jail at least you were with friends!" ... She's right! ... but that's kind of scary too. Should I be starting an intervention for her now??? :)

Kathy W. will be seeing more doctors. They are not really seeing the progress that they want. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

The 19th you will be completing the TELL survey. This is the survey that is part of my evaluation, and the goals that we create in the SIP. There were some questions regarding what was asked the last time & some confusion. Heather &/or myself will be available to answer the questions before you take the survey. I will not be at that meeting while you take the survey. It is for certified only at this point.

The 26th- Faculty meeting- we will be discussing allocations, numbers, and building plans. I KNOW this is the time of year we get our feathers a little ruffled b/c we "hear" different things that may be changing. If it's not coming from the source... consider the source. I'm NOT making any changes without talking to those specific individuals first. As a matter of fact; I'm proposing the allocation use options to you first and then we are making a decision together as a faculty. Are changes coming? - Yes- we're growing- things have to change. My prayer and HOPE is that after this ENORMOUS year of change- you've experienced that it isn't so bad. "Growth can be painful. Change can be painful- if you let it. BUT nothing is as painful as being stuck somewhere you don't belong."


Envision Math: Rescheduled for Tuesday, April 7th @ 4:00 in the library. Surely we won't have a snow day then! :( Good Grief

Gab time with Goble- Actually its more like a time for your to reflect WITH me. We're planning for next year, and I need some input. It will be informal, but informative! :) I'll be sending out somewhat of a guide that we'll be talking about, and a sign-up genius. I'd like to meet with everyone if I can. - We're talking 10 - 15 mins. tops. Unless you need more time, and then I will be at your disposal. Those that are retiring or choosing not to return (??) - I don't expect you to meet with me unless you would like to. (see the attached Google Doc. of what we'll be chatting it up about)

Class schedules and student placements- I've addressed how we'll handle parent requests in my parent newsletter. Thought you might want to know the skinny as well. I've gotten quite a few emails / phone calls about the process, and wanted a clear message sent out. I would greatly appreciate it if you would help me keep a consistent message. I will allow teachers to request placements for their own children (not as formally as below), but I am asking that it be put into writing and given to me by the 22nd as well. We will be tweaking the placement process a bit.

Here is a clip regarding placements:
I've started receiving questions about student placements for next year. Walking into already completed class lists last year, I wasn't apart of the placement process, but I've had the opportunity to evaluate and talk with many about it. I feel very strongly about the high expectations of teaching and learning, and the expertise of our teachers. I also know, as a teacher, that we all have different strengths and qualities that contribute to the success of the team. All grade levels are expected to work as a team allowing for all students to have the same experiences. Each teacher brings to the table an unique teaching style guided with the same standards. We take all of this into consideration as we begin to plan for the following year. Creating class lists really is a complex process because we look at and consider many different criteria. We look at male / female ratios, achievement, needs (academic, social, emotional, etc), in addition to several other things. It is not a random process, but we also understand that sometimes there are other factors that need to be considered.

So what does this mean?
It means that I was serious when I said that I need you to be apart of this team. We need you to be an integral part of your child's success. You are their first teacher, and see somethings that we do not. We will be accepting placement requests from parents this year; however; the requests will follow specific guidelines that will allow us to make the best match for student success. Requests are not guarantees, nor will all requests be honored. Ultimately it will be about creating the best learning environment for everyone, while trying to match the qualities that best meet your child's needs.
Request letters must:
  • Explain what specific academic or social needs your child has.
  • What qualities / characteristics in a teacher would best meet the needs of your child?
  • Address other concerns if applicable to placement. (ex: health, personality conflicts,etc.)
  • Must be turned in to Mrs. Goble no later than Friday, May 22nd.
Please DO NOT ask for a specific teacher or to be placed with a group of friends.

Staffer of the week- Everyone deserves to be recognized for the work they do. We are all an important part of the team, and each contributes something special! Thank you for all you do! This week we want to recognize Susan Anderson. Thank you for being such a great jail bird, teammate, and positive force for all of us. You are the bombdiggity... even if your group text capabilities are on lag-time! :)
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