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Eastlake High School 9.10.19

Titan Family

Dear Titans:

Thanks for the great commitment to getting those grades in on time. It's hard to believe, but in two weeks we will be on Fall Break. Until that time, let's keep plugging away at making a difference for our students. If you have a moment, please make sure you thank Cheryl Bailey for representing Eastlake High School for the Cox Salute to Teachers event. She is definitely everything you could ever ask for in a teacher -- caring, committed and a great colleague. We are proud of you Cheryl! Here are some key reminders for the week:

A. FAC. We have an FAC meeting this Wednesday. My goal is to break the previous record for the longest meeting of all time. As always, your voice is important. Please let your representatives know about your concerns.

B. Titan Institute. During your PLCs this Friday, we will be holding a professional development led by your Curriculum Specialists and assigned teacher leaders. This exercise fits with our WASC plans and it will be both a great teaching strategy (Common Ground) and discussion starter on equitable practices.

C. Faculty Meeting. Faculty Meeting is on the 18th and we will have important information about the HERE Now program.

D. Student Walkout for Climate Change Awareness. We are monitoring this situation and will update everyone as I collect more information. We have students interested in participating in this global event. We want our community to be aware and our school to be safe.

E. Titan Way Pins Update. On Tuesday, you should receive a small envelope with four pins. Please use the pins at your discretion. We are still trying to order more. The student can have the pin and we will work on ways to collect them in the end with incentives for discounts on school items. I love that they want them! Still, fill out the link or send the student with a note on Friday morning.

F. Peanut Allergies. Please be mindful of students who might have peanut allergies in your class and encourage students to not have any food items out containing nuts. We had a student who needed to apply an epipen. Please advocate for the student and be his/her champion.

Have a great week Titans. Can't wait to see you all in action. Go Titans!

Keep Shining,

Ricardo Cooke, Ed.D.

Classroom Needs

Add your concerns to the list and we will do our best to address your needs.

Week at a Glance

Click here to see what's happening on campus!

Classroom Observation Schedule

Click here to see the observation schedule. Remember... for now, we will ask the students the WHAT, WHY and HOW of learning. We are going to ask up to five students about learning goals and will record the data for us.

Show that Titan Spirit

Let's All Wear Our Jerseys for Family Day!

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Titan and SEL Connection Challenge

Each week, I will post a simple challenge. Some of you do these challenges already. I invite you to take a moment to mix it up for yourself and get even more connected to our school community.

This week's Titan Challenge: This week I will compliment at least one student each period on good work or improved behavior.

Self-Care Challenge

I care deeply about the staff. We give so much of ourselves to our students and parents. Take time for balance and reflection.

Self-Care Challenge: Make a new playlist of music from your childhood.

Titans in Action!

Volleyball for the Win

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Out Teacher of the Year ... Cheryl Bayley

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