Welcome Back Brock Elementary

Intentional- Focused- Happy


  • Great Things
  • Awesome Binder Reminders
  • RTI Board Update
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  • Get organized and ready for your kids
  • Grade Levels- Meet and plan for the week
  • Make adjustments to the RTI shower boards
  • Special Events Committee Meeting

Goals for the Second Half of the Year

Goals and Areas of Focus for After the Break:

  • More intentional Team Planning (Discussing Teaching Points)- What can we do to support this (Ranae and Erin?) What are the expectations?

  • Visual Schedules in all classrooms

  • Continued Training and Calibration on Balanced Literacy Components

  • Soft Starts- What is working? What could be better? What are some things that other teachers are doing that is working? How long should they be?

  • Students are greeted at the door every morning.

  • Revisit the commitments we made to each other as a staff and what we want for our kids.

  • Continue to make data informed decisions about interventions and small group activities.

  • Continue to focus on literacy rich experiences across curriculum

  • Understand what is available in IReady teacher resources and what reports would be most helpful

  • Creating social groups to support our students that need more social/ emotional

  • Positive Behavior Team develops campus wide processes

  • Guided Reading Libraries for teacher use

  • Further discussions and training in Math Workshop

  • Outdoor Eating Areas

Schedule Grade Level Meetings

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