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Staying Safe & Healthy At Home

At Home Activities

All of us at Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds hope that you are safe and well. During this time away we have compiled some fun things for you to do as a family. There is even a little learning mixed in too.

Food Shopping During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

During this uncertain time we all may feel overwhelmed and unsure, especially while grocery shopping and menu planning. Visit this website to learn simple tips to get you through the process safely. View article here.

MyPlate Maze

Help our MyPlate friend find her way through this MyPlate maze! See how many healthy foods you can find along the way. Which foods are your favorite? *If you don't have a printer at home, no worries! Just have your child trace the path with their finger. Get the maze here!

Cooking as a Family

Most of us are spending more time at home and cooking more meals for our children. Whether you are doing a traditional homeschool curriculum or something a little more flexible, now is a great time to get your kids involved in the kitchen! (measuring, fractions, reading!) Even pre-school children can take part in the cooking process. (cutting soft foods with a butter knife, rinsing vegetables in the sink, etc.)

Here is a list of fun things to do together while in the kitchen:

*One fun activity for the family is to play Restaurant and create a MyPlate meal with all the food groups.

*Kids - Become a detective and solve the secret code! You will find great ways to eat healthy along the way!

*Parents - Here is the Secret Code Answer Sheet!

Keep Your Food Safe

Looking for a way to keep food and yourself healthy? Check out these great tips on keeping your kitchen and food safe. Tips include washing hands and surfaces, how not to cross contaminate food, keeping food at proper temperatures including refrigeration and more. Get more information here.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

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