The Bahamas

by: Aileen Ham


The official name is the Commonwealth of the Bahamas but is commonly referred to Bahamas.

Bahamas is made up of about 700 islands and 2,500 cays. It is in the North Atlantic Ocean, southeast of Florida, and Northeast of Cuba. Bahamas is mostly flat and the highest point is Mt. Alvernia. It contains wetlands, forests, and blue holes (underwater caves). There are no rivers.

Type of government: constitutional parliamentary democracy and a common wealth realm.

Leader: Prime Minister Perry Christie

Currency: Bahamian dollar

Economic system: capitalism

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Cities and Towns

The capital of Bahamas, Nassau, is on the island of New Providence. It is the most populated and largest city. New Providence also contains 70% of their population. Other popular cites and towns include Freeport, Andros Town, and Dunmore Town.

The Bahamas Flag

The great Bahamas flag is made up of three equal horizontal bands of aquamarine with gold in between. It is accompanied by a black triangle on the left. The gold strip represents the golden beaches surrounded by the aquamarine seas (aquamarine strip). The black stands for the united people's vigor and force.
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History of the Bahamas

In the Americas, Bahamas was the first place Christopher Columbus landed in. Bahamas was controlled by United Kingdom and after 325 years, it gained its independence on July 10,1973.